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Its gonna be a weird one this weekend. Well, a weirder than usual in the pandemic hellscape thats become the American experience. The Super Bowl is happening somehow? But its certainly not a good idea to have a party to watch the big-budget commercials framed by a sports game (I believe some sort of ball played with feet?) and eat nachos so what are we to do?

In fact, celebrating the Super Bowl at all now feels absolutely absurd, and honestly, Ive never related more to the vamps of What We Do In The Shadows.I would much rather celebrate the Superb Owl.

Now even before the pandemic, I often felt like a vampire from another century in many social situations, but right now just the idea of the super bowl is just insane, and talking about owls feels more reasonable. Why is this happening? What is sports? Wouldnt you rather look at an owl fly majestically through the sky right now rather than downs and tackles and scrimmages? Thats all the football I know.

I mean look! They are truly superb!

And so aerodynamic! Reminds me of Guillermo.

And as Lazlo, Nadja, and Nandor know, they are much better at murder no matter how cute. Can a football do any of THIS???

Look at the tiny eyes of DOOM!

And also, owls can be hilarious, along with the murdering, which really does go with theWhat We Do In The Shadowsvibe.

I hope that just these few images have convinced you to celebrate the superb owl this weekend. Just remember, that owls, like vampires, dont do well in direct sunlight so whichever nocturnal creature you celebrate or invite over, keep the shades down.

(image: FX)

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Let's Celebrate Some Superb Owls 'With What We Do in the Shadows' The Mary Sue - The Mary Sue

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