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Vampires fighting in the Hunger Games would certainly be thrilling to see and some of the ones from film history have a good chance at winning.

Vampires have a long and intricate history in movies. They, perhaps more so than any other film monster, have suffered deep and meaningful changes to their images, going from grotesque and terrifying deformities to alluring and seductive creatures of the night.

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Strong, enduring, and seemingly immortal, vampires are considered to be some of the most dangerous and cunning of all the supernatural beings. A battle between ten of these mythical creatures would certainly bring out the worst in them, a fight to the death where only one would rule supreme. The Hunger Games might be the ideal location for them to clash. Their cruelty would certainly provide the citizens of the Capitol with all the excitement to satiate their primal, bloody urges.

Edward is definitely a strong and capable vampire. He's shown to be very fast and adept in battle, managing to fight several attackers at once. His ability to read other people's minds gives him an edge, and his invulnerability to sunlight makes him a rather unexpected threat.

For all his advantages, however, Edward is still held back by his admitted distaste for violence, demonstrated by his so-called vegetarianism. Edward lacks the necessary savagery that most other vampires have, which means he'd enter the arena with one hand tied behind his back. He might be a big deal in Forks, but against more experienced vampires, he wouldn't stand a chance.

Coming from a comedic movie, Barnabas has a wackier, more flamboyant personality than any other tribute in the Games. He possesses all the characteristic traits of a vampire, plus the ability to hypnotize others using his gaze. Because he spent a great part of his immortal life locked in a coffin, he lacks any real training or experience in battle.

Barnabas would do an average job in the Games. He'd make an effort, but ultimately, his lack of familiarity with the environment and dismal battling abilities would bring an end to him. He'd probably die as a consequence of one of the arena's many traps, and not necessarily killed by another tribute.

The leader of a gang of young bikers, David is mysterious, alluring, dangerous, and ultimately addictive. Sleeping all day and partying all night, David's lifestyle conveys both the ups and downs of carefree, libertine wandering. He's a trickster who enjoys teasing humans as much as he does devouring them.

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Dynamic and youthful, David can't help but seem more bark than bite, especially compared to some of the other tributes in the arena. His good looks and enticing personality would certainly endear him to sponsors, and all the girls in the Capitol would go crazy for him. In the end, though, he's still just an underling, something that'd become clear once he came face-to-face with one of the more senor vamps.

A local vampire King in sunny Los Angeles, Lothos is arguably all talk and no action. He's a powerful enough vampire who has killed dozens of Slayers by the time he encounters Buffy. However, and despite having the ability to fly, he's no match for the teenager.

His role in the Games would be similarly unimpressive. He'd immediately make alliances and would even try to win the audience's sympathies. The other tributes would probably turn their attention to him once there were no lesser threats left. He'd put up a good fight, but in the end, he'd perish, although no hairspray would be involved.

An expert at hiding her true form, Santanico Pandemonium is a 102-year-old vampire Queen. Hiding under the guise of a sensual and alluring woman, she executes her cruelty with a merciless and completely inconsiderate approach. In the Games arena, she'd be in her element, using all the tricks in her bag to claim the ultimate victory.

Throughout most of her participation, she'd keep her true form hidden. Using her charms, she'd ally herself with some of the more powerful vampires, choosing to keep her abilities a secret until the right moment. Finally revealing her true form, she'd initiate an all-out attack in which more than one tribute would perish. Unfortunately, she'd be one of them.

"The Bird of Death" is a terrifying creature who lives in a vast Transylvanian castle. A vampire to the tee, Orlok is pale, menacing, thin, and dangerous. He stalks his prey and enjoys taking his time when it comes to facing them. With his long fingers and claw-like fingernails, hooked nose, and pointy ears, Orlok has become synonym with the word "fear."

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Despite his iconic status, Orlok is almost decrepit. He's too slow and too vulnerable to ever make a good showing in the Games. He's pure evil, and while he has a good degree of supernatural powers, he's still held back by his frail and sickly body, which would probably betray him nearing the final stage of the competition.

Charming, handsome, and practically mesmerizing, Lestat de Lioncourt would become the favorite to win the Games as soon as he stepped into the arena. His boldness, enthusiasm, and defiance would make audiences go crazy for him. Sponsors too would be enchanted, and would undoubtedly shower him with all kinds of treats.

"The Brat Prince" would make a good showing throughout the Games, enjoying all the attention and acclaim he inspired. His overconfidence would eventually get the best of him, though, and he'd be brought down by one of the very tributes he underestimated before. It's never wise to underestimate him, though, and while he might not be dead by the time the dust settled, he certainly wouldn't win the Games either.

Experienced, battle-hardened, and tough, Selene is a warrior to be reckoned with. She's headstrong, reckless, determined, stoic, and unstoppable. Fiercely independent, she'd trust no one in the arena, which means she'd try to take on the Games completely alone.

Thanks to her almost militaristic training, she's disciplined and controlled, to the point of seeming unemotional. Her facade would be perfect, as the other tributes would never know what to expect of her. An expert in weaponry, she'd make it all the way to the final leg of the Games. In the end, though, and despite her myriad of superhuman abilities, her lack of supernatural ones would bring her undoing.

With style and charisma to spare, the iconic vampire hunter would excel against the vampire tributes in the arena. After all, he has powerful weapons designed exclusively to hunt and kill vampires, and his entire training would give him a considerable edge over the others.

Highly skilled in martial arts, Blade's entire career would lead him to this very moment. He'd absolutely destroy all his competition, either by himself or by reluctantly accepting help from some of the other tributes. In the end, though, he'd find a vampire who's too tough, even for him, and meet his maker at his hands.

Dracula is not only the most iconic of all vampiresbut also the most powerful. With abilities that go beyond simple athleticism and enhanced strength or durability, Dracula possesses control over the winds, vermin, thunder and lightning, and even other people's minds. He can shapeshift at will into fearsome creatures, like wolves and bats, and can even turn himself into fog and mist.

Furthermore, he lacks the fatal vulnerability to sunlight that cripples other vampires, though his abilities do weaken under the sun. With all this in mind, Dracula would go through all of his competition without even breaking a sweat, easily claiming victory in the Games and proving why he's still the role model for all vampires to come.

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