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"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" is the third movie in the franchise, and the only one that doesn't focus on Selene. The film is a prequel that explains the centuries-old origins of the war between lycans and vampires.

Long ago, werewolves couldn't transform from their canine state until Lucian, the first lycan, was born. The vampires forced Lucian (Michael Sheen) to bite people, making more of his kind, who were then enslaved. That is, until Lucian decided to fight back. However, even after securing his freedom, he wasn't willing to leave without his secret lover Sonja (Rhona Mitra), a vampire who also happened to be the daughter of the vampire leader Viktor. Of course, Lucian and Sonja's relationship was forbidden and when Viktor discovered not only that they were together but that Sonja was carrying Lucian's child, he had Sonja killed.

Yet, even if you haven't seen the third film in the series, this story may sound familiar. That's because Sheen's character relates it in the first film and, if that weren't enough, Michael experiences it in a series of brief flashbacks. So while "Rise of the Lycans" expands on the story by melding the tale of forbidden romance with a slave rebellion, the movie's still a rehash of a storyline that was summed up in just a few minutes in the first "Underworld," making it feel more than a bit redundant.

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Questionable Things We Ignore In The Underworld Franchise - Looper

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