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A new fan theory suggests that Bella Swan of The Twilight Saga is half-werewolf. But is there any evidence to back this up?

TheTwilight Sagafollows human teenager Bella Swan on her journey through the world of the supernatural lead by her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen. During her journey, she befriends Jacob Black, a potential love interest and childhood friend who just happens to be a werewolf. From the start, Bella seemed to be drawn to the world of the supernatural, and now, a new theorysuggestsshewasn't the generic human girl as previously believed because she'sactually half-werewolf.

The first piece of evidence posed in this theory is that vampire powers do not work correctly on Bella as they do other humans, which is a shared skill of the Quileute werewolves. Alice, Edward's adopted sister, has the special ability to see the future, but she is unable to see the future of the werewolves or those whose lives become intertwined with a werewolf. Even prior to her transformation into a vampire, Bella was able to mentally block vampire powers,with Edward being unable to read her thoughts.

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When Bella became a vampire, it's revealed that she has the gift of a mental shield. She trains to use her powers to protect others, only lifting her shield in order to allow Edward to read her mind. While thetheory suggests that her unique powerful gift comes from her potential werewolf genes, the book's explanation of her gift being a human trait improved post-transformation makes more sense within the reality of the world.

The theory also claims that the reason Jacob is attracted to Bella and imprints on her child is because of the werewolf gene. The books present that one of the theories behind imprinting is potentially related to creating matches designed for successful werewolf reproduction. So, in theory, Jacob's attraction to Bella is based on the connection of werewolf genes. However, even in the books, the concept of reproduction as a core cause of imprinting is presented as an inconclusive idea that is actually disproven by Jacob imprinting on a half-vampire. Ultimately, the books explain Jacob's attraction to Bella as really his imprinting instincts drawing him closer to Renesmee.

Also, the theory wildly suggests that Bella was only able to conceive a hybrid child because she had the werewolf gene. However, this is incorrect within the lore of the world. Bella and Edward were not the only human/vampire couple with the ability to reproduce. Alice and Jasper meet a vampire-human hybrid named Nahuel and introduce him during the trial with the Volturi to prove the existence and relative safety of a hybrid. If the mother has to contain werewolf genes in order to procreate with a vampire, than Nahuel would not exist. Plus, during childbirth, Bella is nearly killed and Edward transforms her into a vampire to save her. He injects vampire venom directly into her heart and bites her in multiple places on her body to distribute the venom as quickly as possible. Vampire venom is especially poisonous to werewolves, which is why in the reality ofThe Twilight Saga, werewolf-vampire hybrids are impossible.

Twilight Theory: Could Bella Actually Be Half-Werewolf? | CBR - CBR - Comic Book Resources

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