‘Vampire’ house with ‘terrifying’ cellar causes a stir as it goes on sale – Daily Star

A five-bedroom home, which has been listed for 2.7 million, has gone viral online thanks to its unique interior.

The huge property in Salt Lake County, Utah, which was listed on Zillow, is described as a "premiere luxury estate" which is "truly is a cut above the rest."

However, Twitter fans can't agree on the interior, with one social media user saying it's like a "vampire mansion on The Sims".

Others on the site described as a "medieval castle crossed with a McMansion and a Vegas themed hotel".

The unusual lagoon pool has captured many people's attention.

Its pool looks like it was carved into the stone and appears to have a tree planted in at the side.

The dark stone walls almost make it feel other worldly, however a basketball hoop and jacuzzi help bring more normality.

From the outside, the gothic property looks like a mini castle, with the tall windows offering amazing views of the landscape.

The home also boasts a private cinema - which is perfect while all normal cinemas remain closed during lockdown.

Despite all the amenities, social media users were left giggling over the house's wine cellar, which bares resemblance to a cave.

The cellar even includes a tiny table with two chairs by a window, so the homeowner can enjoy a drink in the unique surroundings.

As photos of the house were shared on Twitter, one woman joked: "So this house is terrifying."

While another quipped: "Thought that first room looks like its straight out of a PS1 game."

A third chimed in: "The 12-year-old me trying to make a vampire mansion on The Sims."

While a fourth added: "Did they tell the architect they wanted a medieval castle crossed with a McMansion and a Vegas themed hotel?"

A fifth even said: "This is the kind of house that a whole other family could live in and youd just never know, which is also my worst nightmare."

The house did still have some fans though, with one exclaiming: "I think you mean AWESOME. Not awesome like I'd own it but awesome like I'd definitely stay there and have a murder mystery party."

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'Vampire' house with 'terrifying' cellar causes a stir as it goes on sale - Daily Star

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