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Episode 5 opens with a nightmare Fine is reliving her final moments with Arya when another vampire killed her. They desperately wanted to find a paradise where humans and vampires co-exist. But can this truly exist? The war suggests it is not possible, but love and hope is the central theme of this series.

In the present, Fine finds Momo submerged in water and saves her. But, they have no time for rest as Allegro and his troops arrive, so they have to flee into the sky. The struggle continues as the human troops viciously attack them, and they have to barricade themselves into a building.

Fine tells Momo to follow the canal and assures her that she will follow her. Momo is understandably upset, believing Fine is leaving her again. She can see her bleeding is not stopping.

To fight off the troops, Fine injects herself with a formula drug to transform herself into a monster so she can fight them off as Momo keeps venturing down the canal. But then shes captured by her own mother. Allegro tells Momo he should have killed her when he had the chance, and as he dies, he tells Momo to find Fine. Momo runs away from her mother, venturing on her new objective to locate Fine.

Fine is still fighting one of the humans, but shes getting weaker even in her beast mode. Momo finds her, but Fine does not recognize her, and she is attacked. But Momo does not care. She still wants to protect Fine. Eventually, Fine understands who she is and stops attacking the human, proving theres hope that humans and vampires can co-exist.

Momo and Fine fly away in the snowy, stormy sky.

When they finally find safety, Fine lays down in a bed of flowers as she dies slowly. She tells Momo about a person she once loved, Arya. Flashbacks show the genuine time they had together. What they shared was forbidden, so they were chased after humans and vampires were not meant to have relationships. Arya died. Fine confesses that Momo was her replacement at first as they looked similar, but then she saw how strong Momo was. Momo sobs as Fine dies next to her.

Momos mother finds her again, but Momo is in a somber mood as she holds the dead body of Fine. She tells her mother that they should live their lives independently. Momo will now venture on to her next journey with the memory of Fine deeply embedded into her soul. Post-credit scenes suggest she created a paradise where vampires and humans can co-exist.

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Vampire in the Garden season 1, episode 5 recap - the ending explained - Ready Steady Cut

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