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Cape Town - A woman who claims she was attacked by vampires says the two suspects have been released and have since put out a hit on her.

Theresa Simons, 53, from Brooklyn spoke to the Daily Voice about the alleged attack which occurred in November 2016, in which she claimed she was robbed, drugged, bitten and had her blood sucked, allegedly by her friends.

The mother-of-four claimed she narrowly escaped death after her drinking buddies suddenly turned demonic and tried to suck her blood, telling her that the devil wanted her.

The accused appeared in the Cape Town Magistrates Court again on Monday, where the matter was postponed to 8 September for further investigation.

Vincent Walters, 49, and his girlfriend Noleen de Grame, 50, had been charged with robbery and attempted murder. The rape charge was dropped after no physical evidence was found.

His girlfriend held me down and he bit me on my stomach, on my lower back, he even stabbed me, Theresa said at the time, showing the puncture wounds on her hip.

According to Theresa, the suffering in jail was too much for Noleen and she decided to tell her the truth.

She was there for money. She helped Vincent out of fear for her life. If she went against him she would also have been hurt, says Theresa.

Now Theresa claims Vincent is trying to kill her. She says two weeks ago, Vincents friends attacked her in a pub.

A woman and three men came at me right there in the bar. I was beaten up and bleeding, crawling around in the broken glass on the floor and they kept on until a man helped me. They actually tried to kill me, says Theresa, adding that she didnt drink that night.

But Noleen, who was released on bail in March, says Theresa belongs in Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital.

She is a liar, a prostitute and a devil worshipper. She was drunk when she came to my house that morning. She drank eight prednisones (steroids for allergies), four bottles of bergie (beggar)wine and she started seeing the devil in the corners, says Noleen, who has a passion gap.

That woman ran and fell through my house. Her husband beat her up in my house. He bashed her head against the wall.

According to her, Theresa accuses people of raping her all the time and she allegedly does this to extort money from them. She says Theresa tried to lure Vincent to her bed.

She sat on the mattress in my house, pulled down her panties and told Vincent to come sex her, twice. She went to the toilet and told Vincent to come pull up her panties."

That woman is crazy and will do anything for wine and money."

I did so much for her, giving her food and money when she needed it. She makes me sick and she must just tell the truth, she says.

Noleen claims Theresa demanded R30 to drop the case.

I gave her that money and she went to buy bergie wine. She never withdrew the case, she adds.

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