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Caulfield says she's glad to have found humor in Anya, because laughter is something everybody needs and she discovered it to be a particularly valuable coping mechanism in the ominous year that was 2020.

"I think seven years [on Buffy] would have been a long time to be brooding. It was a lot of fun to make people laugh, and I do enjoy that. I do enjoy finding the comedy and drama," Caulfield says. "I think I just do that in general in my life anyway. I try to find something to laugh about, especially this past year with so much, I mean, if you couldn't find something to laugh about, you could just lose your mind completely."

Now that Caulfield has had the opportunity to take part in two major iconic genre staples (not to mention a seven-episode stint on the beloved fantasy series Once Upon a Time), are there any other franchises she'd like to explore in the future or would have loved to have done in the past? As it turns out, there is something that intrigues Caulfield in space, in the place where no one can hear you scream.

"Gosh, I mean, in a parallel universe, somewhere I'd be Ripley," Caulfield enthuses about Sigourney Weaver's famed character in the Alien series. "I think that'd be really cool, [where] I'm fighting alien somewhere with my adopted daughter, Newt. I think that would have been really, really cool."

For now, Caulfield says she's just happy to be doing what she's doing want to "just keep working with great people," which once again includes WandaVision creator and head writer Jac Schaeffer. In 2009, Schaeffer made her big screen debut as the writer and director of the comedy romance TiMER, which starred Caulfield as the film's lead, Oona O'Leary.

A new episode of WandaVision drops every Friday on Disney+.

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WandaVision Actor On Why Her Buffy The Vampire Slayer Role Was Perfect - Exclusive - Looper

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