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BBC Twos offbeat comedy series What We Do in the Shadows is officially returning for a third season, continuing the story of three immortal vampires living in modern day New York City.

Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker), Matt Berry (Toast of London) and Natasia Demetrious (The Big Flower Fight) star as Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja, living together in a hilariously awkward flat share.

Expect plenty more zany humour in the episodes to come, as the writers continue to flip gothic horror concepts on their head, with showrunner Paul Simms recently hinting that another fearsome creature will make its debut.

Heres everything you need to know about series three of What We Do In The Shadows:

Yes! US network FX confirmed the series renewal on Friday 22nd May, shortly before season two landed in the UK.

Various cast members reacted to the news, with Mark Proksch, who plays the hilariously dull energy vampire Colin Robinson, promising more silliness on the way.

Legendary guest star Mark Hamill even tweeted about the great news, adding: Everyones favourite undead roommates will live on for a 3rd season!

There seems to be a decent chance that Jim the Vampire Laszlos nemesis and new coach of Pennsylvanias womens volleyball team will return for season three!

FX has not yet announced a release date for season three and production on the series may be held up by the ongoing pandemic, but What We Do In The Shadows could still make a return in 2021.

The second series was filmed between October and December last year, and released in the US in April 2020, so if the production manages to stay on track, season three could arrive as early as next summer.

Of course, thats subject to change right now. Well update this page with more details as they come in.

**Spoilers ahead for season two**

Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry and Harvey Guilln in What We Do In The Shadows BBC

Season two of What We Do In The Shadows left viewers on a huge cliffhanger as Nandos loyal familiar Guillermo (Harvey Guilln) used his inherited vampire-hunting skills to kill the Vampiric Council and all the immortal guests at the Nouveau Thtre des Vampires, saving his masters.

Season three is bound to explore the aftermath of this shocking incident what will Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja do with Guillermo now that they know of his vampire-killing abilities? And what will the vampire community think of the blood-sucking trio, who in their eyes have committed the most heinous crime a vampire can commit?

Its possible theyll come knocking sooner rather than later, as showrunner Paul Simms revealed at the What We Do in the Shadows Comic-Con@Home panel that the household will get a hellhound to defend it.

Throughout the last series, we also saw Guillermo grow increasingly tired with serving Nandor after it became apparent that the former Ottoman Empire leader had no intentions of turning him into a vampire.

Will he return to the ungrateful groups abode and continue serving their every whim?

At the What We Do in the Shadows panel at this years Comic-Con@Home, Simms added that Nandor might be looking for love in the next season, so it seems hell be far too preoccupied to turn Guillermo as always!

Simms also dropped a hint that Colin could finally get some answers about how he became an energy vampire, while also suggesting that gargoyles could be the next spooky creatures added to the shows fantasy world.

Theres also the small matter of the community of vampire hunters that Guillermo stumbled across half way through last season; they appeared to be completely hopeless without the help of Guillermo, but could return in season three in stronger form.

You can check out the full Comic-Con@Home panel for What We Do in the Shadows below.

Were almost certain to see Kayvan Novak (Nandor the Relentless), Matt Berry (Laszlo Cravensworth), Natasia Demetriou (Nadja), Mark Proksch (Colin Robinson) and Harvey Guilln (Guillermo) return for season three, especially given the dramatic events that took place during last series finale.

FX has not yet teased a potential line-up of guest stars for season three, but hopefully Jake McDorman will return as Jeff Suckler the reincarnation of Nadjas former love Gregor, beheaded by Laszlo in series one who returned for one episode in season two as a ghost. Perhaps hell reappear in a different form next series.


Simon the Devious played by Big Mouths Nick Kroll may return for another series, if he makes it out of that sewer, as well as Mark Hamill, who played Jim the Vampire, in season two.

What We Do In The Shadows is available to stream on BBC iPlayer if youre looking for more to watch, check out ourTV guide.

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When will What We Do In The Shadows return for season 3? - RadioTimes

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