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Dr. Lee is an excellent gastroenterologist that I would highly recommend. He manages to always make time to reply to my emails, questions and concerns in a timely manner. He tries to connect with his patients and makes sure that he can provide the best care, treatment, and support he can. The prep for his procedure is easily tolerated, and is painless. More importantly, his staff is friendly and courteous. Dr. Lee is a very helpful and trustworthy physician who actually and genuinely cares about his patients, taking time to explain things clearly.

Since correctly Identified complaint after years of discomfort- known as 'Jackhammer Esophagus' NEVER say yes ok to an I knowledgeable fool!Doctor Quist, M.D. now THERE's a real Doctor!

Beware, if you need a doctor who is curious to find out what could be wrong with you Dr Lee is not that doctor. It seems from the reviews that he is very good with basic procedures. But when given an opportunity to try to discover what is truly going on he jumps to a conclusion and sticks with it. Dr. Lee came into the examining room talking and then lectured due to lifestyle. Never once asked about pain or wanted to see where it hurts just read notes and stated what he thought was going on. Poor quality of care.

So, I hit the big 5-0, and we all know what that means....! Actually, I had shoulder surgery last year to avoid the whole thing. Not a great way to get out of it!Anyway, I scheduled an appointment with Dr Lee (he was booked 3 months out!) and went and met with him to schedule my procedure. He was very professional yet witty, and provided me with lots of reasons why the colonoscopy remains the golden standard to detect colon cancer. Three additional months later, I was scheduled for my scope at 1pm. I was able to eat breakfast and lunch the day before, and worked a normal day at work without dealing with any pangs of hunger. I had broth and jello for dinner (blech!) to try to stave off the grouchies, then went to bed. Woke up at 4:30am to start "the cleanse". I'm not going to lie, it was NASTY. I don't want to drink 96oz of ANYTHING in a 6 hour period, and this was no exception. I arrived at the clinic and briefly met with Dr Lee before they sent me off to LaLa land. It was all over before I knew it. The scope truly is the easy part.Dr Lee "gets it". He knows nobody wants to be there, and he keeps his humor on point, and the music in his OR lively. The only reason I deducted a star is the crazy long wait to get the initial appointment, as well as the procedure itself.I got the "all clear" phone call from Dr Lee himself the following day, and don't have to deal with any of this nonsense again for another 10 years.Just do it.

Very disappointing first time office visit. I read some good reviews, so I was looking forward to meeting Dr. Christopher Lee. I had concerns about my ongoing symptoms, and I asked a handful of questions, but I had to repeat the same question a few times because I wasn't getting a constructive answer. Several times Dr. Lee's response was "Because you're full of shit!" It was possibly an attempt at humor, but I didn't laugh the first time, the second time or any of the other times, and I left his office wondering what I did to deserve that. My conduct was professional, so I was expecting a professional response.Frankly, I felt verbally abused. Nobody wants to be put down and disrespected by somebody who they entrust with their life. I called my boyfriend to run it by him. His first response was, "that's terrible he talked to you like that", and "that's unprofessional". That was my gut feeling too, so I called the office and spoke with the office manager who was vaguely apologetic. She did say "sorry about that", but also suggested I find a doctor whose personality was a better fit. I won't be returning.

My internist recommended Dr. Lee and I am so very grateful to them. He is the very best gastroenterologist that there is! He has a great bed side manner, goes the extra mile to make sure that following his procedures you will have the best outcome. I totally trust him in every way. Wish I knew about Dr. Lee before I wasted my time with the 9 previous GI's.Feel yourself very fortunate if you have him as your GI.

I have Crohn's and ulcerative pancolitis. Not a simple case because there are lots of things that are outside the standard IBD cookie cutter model. I am working hard to manage my conditions through lifestyle, strict food choices that work for my body and by using hyperbaric chambers along with one medications that controls some of the troubles (nystatin) and another that I use as needed because it works.My generalist suggested Dr Lee. I wasn't too excited because I have already seen a number of GI doctors. I went under her recommendation and brought my binders with all my medical testing information as of many years with me.Wait time was very long. Welcome was more like a factory line than friendly. When I met him I explained what I was doing to manage my conditions, gave him what he would want to understand my condition. I was clear that I wanted a doctor on board who respected my choices and management of my conditions (after all - I live in my body). He suggested medications even though I said I wasn't interested in them. I took the suggestions to go home and do research while expressing my desire to stay off of these types of medications because their side effects were going to weaken areas of my body that were already weak to begin with. One was not reimbursed and would cost $3,000/month. The other was likely to cause leukemia. When he realized that I was more pro-active and more personally involved and not willing to comply. He was very pushy about the meds, let me know that without them I was certain to have future repercussions. Did the shaming, humiliation tactic with a smile. When he saw that he wasn't reaching me with those tactics he told me I was an attractive lady and what a shame it would be if I had a bag with my poop in it on my abdominal area because it wouldn't be too pleasing to a man. He came and showed me on my tummy where it would be placed. He believed he was helping me to see more clearly what the consequences would be (in his eyes). In essence he just wanted me to comply because that is what makes HIM comfortable, but I live in my body 24/7. It needs to work for ME, not the doctor.It took me a few weeks to recover psychologically from what he did and to sort myself out. Was I being nave? Was I putting myself at risk? Would men refuse me and find me repulsive if at some point my colon needs to be removed and I have a colostomy bag?

I have been seeing Dr. Lee for about a year and he is always available to answer all of my many questions many times within the hour. Yes, there is a wait to get in, but I feel that he is right there with me while I wait. Nancy and the office staff are amazing and so friendly and I always feel comfortable calling them for anything.

Today was my first Colonoscopy. As unpleasant as it seems, it wasn't that bad. I am glad I went and it's done and over. Honestly, I was a little worried and even e-mailed Dr. Lee prior to the procedure to ask about other options. He responded quickly with a very honest answer of the benefits from the procedure compared to the other options. Dr. Lee and his team did a great job! A special thanks to Dr. Tharp (anesthesiologist) I have seen Dr. Lee a few times and every time he takes time to answer any questions or concerns, with respect and attention.I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who is need of a caring, knowledgeable Gastroenterologist. Thank you Dr. Lee to you and your team! Much appreciative for great caring doctors like you!

I'm in the medical field and feel Dr. Dr. Lee is a very good gastroenterologist. He is very easy to talk to and caring.

Dr. Lee is fantastic!! Had a colonoscopy, prep was easy, procedure was quick and painless. His follow up is wonderful, spoke with me immediately after the procedure and called the next evening to assure me everything is okay. My wife had questions which he graciously answered. He is absolutely the best. I would highly recommend him. He is worth the wait.

I have to give Dr. Lee a huge shout out!!!! Because I've been so happy have found him. ill say I've be seeing dr. Lee for 5 years with many gi issues. He's straight forward and I wouldn't trust any other doctor, I was diagnosed with Barrett's a few years back and he did my ablation, anytime I have a concerns he is there to ease my worries. Thanks lisa staubly

Dr, Lee said it best, "Those that scope together, stay together" Turning 50 isn't fun and no one gets excited about that colonoscopy that follows that birthday either. However, Dr. Lee made it tolerable and easy.The prep:Have breakfast and lunch the day before and broth for dinner. Wake up before dawn and start drinking the prep. Pretty much any drink you choose (except red) with Miralax. Then wait for it! Check into the Hoag Outpatient (which is next to his building) around noon. Best part is that at noon time, all morning surgeries are done. We were the only two in the whole place. No anxious waiting for our turn.It was so easy that there is no excuses to not get this done.words of advice - warning -TMI- I was beyond full and started throwing up the drink. I was told later that it wasn't necessary to keep drinking if I was clear in the toilet. Also- I started off drinking orange gatoraid and that was a mistake as I soon started to feel woozie from all the sugar in it. I switched to plain Ice tea. I liked the music in the surgical room and that Doctor Lee was singing along when I was brought in. He seems like a regular guy, which we liked. No stuffy pompous attitude and he calls it like it is. Maybe some think that is not "professional" but I rather liked him for being "normal". I also liked that he called personally for a follow up the next day. I actually chose him from his positive Yelp reviews. He didn't disappoint us and neither did you Yelpers. Thanks!

If the service in the office is anything like waiting on the phone to schedule the appointment I'm a bit scared. 15 minutes so far just to make an appt. ok, 20 minutes on hold so far... that's a sign of bad staff or just too busy. They just lost a patient. I don't recommend.

Dr. Lee is the absolute best gastroenterologist. I have been to a few others as I have ulcerative colitis, and he is the most compassionate, and informative doctor ever. I don't want to say too many great things about him, because I enjoy that he takes his time with me and treats me like I am a very important patient. I'm afraid if too many people find out about him, he might not have so much time for me.

Recommended by another gastro doc at Hoag Irvine, Dr. Lee is a straight-shooter who explains issues clearly and with compassion as required. He also has a good sense of humor , which helps as well. A breath of fresh air as my wife (who is his patient) had several liver and other internal organ issues, and her previous gastro docs never could explain the issues and instill the confidence we now have with Dr. Lee. Highly recommended!

Dr Lee is such an extremely knowledgeable and proficient doctor. He explains everything well, never rushes you, asks if you have any more questions. He is a downright nice guy, warm friendly and caring.Both my husband and I have seen him.Proceedures done painlessly as sossible.:)) I am happy he is our GI doctor! D&L

Dr. Lee is extraordinarily compassionate, thorough and has impeccable bed side manner. I feel like I'm in great hands. He takes time to really listen and he's available anytime you need to reach him via NextGen MD.

One year ago, I visited Dr. Lee due to blood in the stool. Dr. Lee immediately suggested a Colonoscopy and discovered a malignant tumor because of it. Long story short, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer that metastasized to the liver... One year later, I have no signs of cancer due to the quick actions of Dr. Lee and some amazing surgeons in Greater Newport and UCLA. What was amazing to me, something I've never gotten from other doctors, was that Dr. Lee treated me like a member of his family and followed my progress with great interest, and urged me on with amazing support through my entire treatment process, even though his "job" was done at the very beginning... Without his support and medical advice, I probably would be in a far-worse situation than I'm in now... I'll be going back to him for my one-year Colonoscopy follow up and I'm hoping for a much different outcome this time. Dr. Lee is all straight talk and at first glance, he might seem all-business, all the time, but under a very thin layer of "business", he is all heart and truly makes you feel that he cares who you are and what you're going through. I recommend him to everyone now... I'm in my late 30's and I urge everyone to get checked out if something is "not right", and don't put it off because you think you are still "invincible". Find a great doctor and follow their advice to the "T" and you will come out on top!

Smooth sailing. He gets the job done asap. His staff is very friendly and accommodating. Over all a very good Dr with a pleasant bedside manner.

Christopher Evan Lee, MD - 36 Reviews - Gastroenterologist ...

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