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SOULMATES who found love on two wheels felt like 'Tour de France heroes' after tying the knot in their cycling gear .

Christopher Lee Bower, a scientist, and Sharon Louise Calton, a personal trainer, first met through their passion for cycling and 'instantly connected' after crossing paths.

The pair, who live in Suffolk, said they 'knew they were soulmates' after revealing their shared love of two wheels.

"We instantly connected at some deep level and it turned out that we were born within two days of each other," Mr Bower said.

"This means that in addition to both being very stubborn Aries, Im officially a toy-boy being two days younger.

"Sharon is the most beautiful person I have ever met, not only very easy on the eye, but warm, kind and deeply caring and a brilliant communicator who I can always be myself with.

"If there are such things as soul mates, she is mine without a doubt."

UNIQUE: The couple donned their cycling gear underneath their wedding outfits. Photos by Tiree Dawson

Mr Bower had planned a romantic proposal at a Michelin star restaurant in Cartmel, however, the lockdown last year meant his passionate gesture had to be rearranged.

He said: "That all went out the window, and instead I proposed at home. We celebrated with an off-road gravel-bike ride around sunny Suffolk.

"Later that year we attempted to ride from Lands End to John O' Groats carrying all our food and supplies, not using buildings and taking water from rivers and streams, on an off-road route through Wales.

"12 people attempted this crazy race, only six people made it, we got as far as Appleby in Westmoreland before illness and fatigue forced us to stop and seek refuge at Appleby Castle Hotel.

SMILES: The pair bonded over their passion for cycling. Photos by Tiree Dawson

"During dinner that night, the first time we had eaten non-dehydrated food in nine days we got chatting to the chef, who asked how long we had been married given that we finished each others sentences.

"We admitted that we we actually planning to get married, to which he replied that the castle was a wedding venue, and the seed was sown.

"We agreed to come back and get hitched and finish the rest of the ride to John O' Groats."

The pair tied the knot in front of two guests at the idyllic Appleby Castle Hotel.

BEAUTIFUL: The pair said 'I do' at the idyllic Appleby Castle Hotel. Photos by Tiree Dawson

"Due to the second lockdown there was the two of us, plus my brother and his wife as witnesses," Mr Bower said.

"We had the most amazing day, after raining for weeks, the weather gods finally relented and smiled upon us with glorious sunshine for our wedding day and several days to follow.

"Aside from getting married in our cycling gear, what else?

RINGS: The pair said they 'knew they were soulmates' after revealing their love of two wheels. Photos by Tiree Dawson

"One of the highlights, was riding our bikes, in our wedding gear and towing tin cans behind the bikes down the hill from the castle into Appleby, to the delight of bystanders and drivers.

"We felt like Tour de France heroes.

I DO: Chris and Sharon Bower felt like 'Tour de France' heroes after wedding in their cycling gear. Photos by Tiree Dawson

"For our honeymoon, given the restrictions still in place we could not ride to John O' Groats but rather cycled around the local tracks trails and mountains, in the still balmy Cumbrian and Yorkshire weather."

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