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It's no secret that Star Wars draws inspiration from other places. Here are ten things the Star Wars universe pulled from other films.

It's one of the greatest stories ever put to film, and a universe that spans larger than any galaxy far, far, away. The realm ofStar Warshas become a staple of the sci-fi genre since it first premiered in 1977, but it wasn't just one original concept that brought it to life.

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When everything is picked apart like a droid on a Jawa Sandcrawler, the galaxy of Jedi, Sith, and droids is held together by more than just the Force. Take a look at these ten flicks that helped shape the saga of Star Wars fans know today.

It makes sense that one of the most revolutionary film series in the sci-fi genre would take influence from one of the first to pioneer it.Directed by Fritz Lang, Metropolis featured one of the first robot characters ever put to film, Maria. Looking back, there's something very familiar about her mechanized frame. Maria's design and human-like features would be used to create a certain neurotic protocol droid who just can't stay out of adventures.

A farm kid, a hairy creature, a man made out of metal on a strange journey through a mystical realm. Some might think this describes characters fromA New Hope,but instead of a distant galaxy, try thinking more over the rainbow.

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Dorothy and her friends certainly share some similarities between Luke, Han, and the rest of the crew. It's easy to see where George Lucas got the idea for a ragtag group of adventurers.

The adventures of Flash Gordondefinitely inspired more than a few sci-fi films, but Star Wars' use of laser-based technology and an evil empire definitely sounds more than a bit familiar. Luke Skywalker could definitely fit the leading role of an early sci-fi serial, and the Sith could give Ming the Merciless a run for his money. Either way, there's bound to be some overlap when it comes to weapons of choice.

A tale of the Christ and a space opera don't seem like two things that should mix, but what's the one thingBen Hurand Anakin's homeworld are known for?Chariot racing.

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Granted, theStar Warsequivalent might lack a few Roman legions, but there's no denying that the pod-racing sequence and Ben Hur's famous chariot scene seem remarkably similar. If only the latter had a few Tusken Raiders.

It takes a backseat to all the X-Wings and lightsaber duels, but politics do play a starring role in the universe. But whether it's dealing with the Trade Federation or the scum and villainy of Jabba's entourage, they owe their drama to Don Vito Corleone. It's a cut-throat world for many characters in the galaxy and with organized crime and gangs of bounty hunters looking to score, it might be a good idea to keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Rancors, Sarlacc, and Wampas, oh my! For those that are familiar with some of the earlier films, before all the restoration/remastering, they know that alien monsters were a big part of the worldbuilding.

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These stop-motion critters were heavily inspired by the monsters of Ray Harryhausen in the golden age of sci-fi and fantasy films. But there's one character specifically usedrepeatedly.

The beeping, whirring, chirping owl definitely has a familiar dialect. In fact, it's not unlike a certain excitable and eccentric droid companion seen throughout the series. Bubo and R2-D2 could practically have an entire conversation and both their respective owners could fully interpret the dialogue. Truth be told, a mythological sci-fi crossover wouldn't be an awful idea.

If there's one lord of the Sith that absolutely drips with intimidating elegance, it's Count Dooku. Played by the remarkable Christopher Lee, Dooku not only took dramatic influence from the actor himself but from two of his most iconic roles.

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His refined and sinister manner comes from Saruman the White from Middle Earth, but that cape and crimson accents are 100% Dracula.

It can be saidBlade Runnertook a few things fromStar Wars,like many other sci-fi films that followed. In turn,the series returned the favor and used the bright lights and neon of the film's cyberpunk setting to influence some of its planetary cities, namely places like Coruscant. Maybe the influence of the Force stretches farther than many fans first thought.

Was there ever any doubt Kurosawa wouldn't be referenced? Even George Lucas himself admitted to pulling several samurai elements from the director's Samurai epics into his sci-fi masterpiece.A New Hopealone carries many references to films likeThe Hidden FortressandSeven Samurai. These warriors of a more civilized age were the cornerstone on which the saga was built.

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