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When the Irish gothic novelist Bram Stoker wrote Dracula in 1897, he couldnt possibly have foreseen the monumental and lasting influence his book would have on literature, art and movies.

Today, Count Dracula continues to be writ large in popular culture, making an appearance around Halloween when adults and children alike don black capes and fake white teeth and regale in blood-curdling tales of vampires and their hapless victims.

Almost as famous as Dracula himself is the fictional vampires rumored abode: a sprawling, gothic fortress of Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania, which you can visit virtually this Halloween.

Legend has it that Bran Castle may have inspired Stokers description of Draculas castle in the novel, though there is no evidence the author ever visited the castle. Lots of arguments have been made in favor of other castles having been the real inspiration, so we will perhaps never know for certain.

But regardless, Desperados, a tequila-flavored beer brand thats owned by Heineken and is popular across Europe, is taking over the entire castle for a Halloween party, which will be livestreamed globally on platforms including Facebook, Twitch and YouTube on Oct. 31.

The event, with support from PR firm Edelman, is a collaboration with live music and party producer Elrow. It will be fronted by British DJ and producer Eats Everything, who will play house music as partygoers are shown virtually around Bram Castle. The castle will be decorated with spooky Halloween dcor while clowns, zombies and monsters populate the dance floor.

The idea is to allow people to re-live the classic Halloween party spirit without leaving their home, Desperados said in a statement.

Parties provide an unrivalled sense of togetherness that so many people are craving at this time. While social distancing measures remain in place, we wantto find ways to reimagine these experiences, said Diederik Vos, global brand director at Desperados, in a statement. With Halloween long being one of the biggest and most-anticipated nights in the party calendar, we wanted to take things up a notch.

The event at Bran Castle in Transylvania promises to do just that, delivering a unique virtual event from the home of Halloween itself that will enable partygoers to experience the same excitement and thrill, albeit with a twist, he continued.

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Beer Brand Will Take Over Draculas Transylvania Castle This Halloween - Adweek

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