Wonder Woman, Dracula, Cinderella… themes are taken to extremes at the new Roxbury Hotel in rural New York State – The Telegraph

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Henderson and Massa greeted their first guests over Thanksgiving weekend for the soft opening of their new hotel, The Roxbury at Stratton Falls. Work on the project a short drive from the original started over two years ago, but they bought the old mansion and its grounds three years before that. If The Roxbury Motel was off-Broadway, this is their Julie Taymor moment replete with spa and swimming pool. It takes intentional kitsch to levels of luxury Ive not encountered before. Over the years, Ive seen big budget jam-on-jam hotels in a range of opulent forms, from the Reverie Saigon to the post-Vegas nonsense of the hellscape that is Dubai, but this is the first time Ive seen something conceived with such purpose, on purpose. Instead of a Zen-like spa, theres a Crooked Cabana that looks like a Tim Burton set the building is askew, as if recently animated. Instead of earth tones and grey, there is lime green lots and lots of lime green.

There are seven rooms in the Mansion and eight Tower Cottages. The latter house the larger, more fantastical, pricier suites (from $500/388 per night). Each has a distinct theme, pulled from the owners personal obsessions: overblown gothic horror, fairy tales, all-American pop culture and classic Hollywood. The Superhero Incognito suite takes inspiration from Wonder Woman and Roy Lichtenstein, with an invisible plane crashing through the wall, and giant graphics on the wall of a crime-fighting heroine clad in golden bracelets. Cinderellas Gown incorporates a full-scale set piece of a pumpkin turned into a coach, and an 18ft-long ball gown embellished with hand-sewn crystals that serves as a bed canopy. There is a Dracula-themed room that is full of black, red and gothic (trompe loeil) stone, and a super-glam Thirties-style deco suite, with a winding staircase and sparkling gem-encrusted bathroom and shower. It positively bellows Hollywood. The most extraordinary suite may be Crown of the Pendragons, which is where you come to live out your Games of Thrones fantasies. The highlight is the upstairs bathroom, with an 85-gallon circular bathtub in the middle of a theatrical stone chamber, lit by a crown chandelier with flickering faux candles. This is a hotel for children who never grew up, for anyone who was denied a racing car bed, or wasnt allowed to paint their bedroom Day-Glo.

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Wonder Woman, Dracula, Cinderella... themes are taken to extremes at the new Roxbury Hotel in rural New York State - The Telegraph

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