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Sherlock and Dracula!! Well, the two names we all heard while growing up and the age barrier isnt a barrier as we all feel the chill moving down our spines when we imagine these characters. But the storyline dates back to 1897 when an English Lawyer met a relatively Nobel Transylvanian Dracula.

Well, answers to these questions arent simple, and seeing Dracula and Sherlock is no less of a fete. And the answer lies in the conversation that Agatha Van Helsing had with Harker, where she goes on to mention a detective in London.

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However, with the advent of the modern age in the show, many fans had their expectations skyrocketed as everybody was expecting the magnificent Benedict Cumberbatch. But contrary to everybodys expectations, the famous BBC directors had something else in their minds. Expectations were something entirely different, and everybody was expecting Benedict Cumberbatch, but mere non-presence doesnt mean that the possibility of Sherlocks character cant be ruled out.

Even if we follow Sir Arthur Conan Doyles novel, Sherlock had an abrupt ending when he killed the character of Sherlock Holmes, but the readers rage compelled him to bring Sherlock back again. This has happened many times when readers expectations are so much attached to the character that even the writer has to reconsider his decision to kill a character.

The character of Sherlock Holmes was relived in the novel The Return Of Sherlock Holmes, and the book came out in the period corresponding to the duration when Agatha Van Helsing was narrating the story, which was 1897.

So chances are quite likely that Sherlock can be seen appearing in the show. The adventure of Sherlock Holmes went high when he faked his death in 1891 and then claimed to have spent a lot of time in different parts of the world. He went on to continue his journey, which started from Florence in Italy, then furthers his trip to Tibet. He had been to Persia too, in his course of the journey, and thus finally stopped at France.

By connecting the dots, one can ascertain the fact that Hungary can be conveniently be added to the list of the place he has been to. And this not only gives it a brilliant overtone but an excellent play of events that took place.

Maintaining a timeline and linking it to Sherlock will definitely be worth exploring, and the related nuances by adding glimpses of his past journey will also help keep the flow of the show.

In the episodes being aired lately have witnessed a downfall in rating, and thats quite worrisome. The ratings fell in a constant manner wherein the 1st episode The Rules Of The Beast performed comparatively good and rated at 8.2 but the second episode Blood Vessel saw the decline and it had a score of 7.8 and the third episode The Dark Compass failed miserably at 5.2. So Sherlocks introduction is quite inevitable to augment the ratings of the show. So keep your hopes alive and trust the directors and BBC.

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Does Sherlock Exist In BBCs Dracula Timeline? Heres Something You Should Know - The Digital Wise

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