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Searching for some chilling horror movies on Netflix? Below, we share the top five that are guarantee to get your chills and thrills going.

Disney Plus has been getting a lot of attention since the premiere ofWandaVision.The Marvel series was a long time coming. HBO Max also has some great content with fresh movies, and Apple TV Plus recently dropped the second season of the horror mysteryServant.

However, despite a lot of improvement across all streaming services this year, Netflix continues to be at the top of the streaming game.

What can we say? No other streaming services can beat the variety that Netflix offers! Whether you are into romantic comedies or horror, the streaming king has it! And in this feature, were focusing on thrills!

From a psychological thriller thatll keep you guessing to a movie that gives you a serious case of paranoia, read on for our top five recommendations.

1. Sightless

Sightlessis the latest to join the horror genre on Netflix. And while its not the scariest movie on the list, it makes up for it with a strong dose of paranoia and a fun twist ending.

The movie follows a young violinist named Ellen, played by Madelaine Petsch, who has been left blind after a seemingly random attack. Ellen is placed under the care of Clayton, a caregiver who will care for her and teach her to live a normal life without her sight. Ellen isnt very trusting, though, and is convinced something is just not right.

2. Hush

Keeping with the trend of losing one of your senses,Hushhas been available to stream on Netflix for some time but continues to be underrated. For some funadrenaline, watch it this weekend!

Hushfollows a murderer who discovers a woman, Maddie (Kate Siegel) alone in the woods is deaf. Instead of a quick kill, he decides to toy with her, but he wasnt expecting Maddie to fight back.

3. It Comes at Night

Now were getting into some deeper scares!It Comes at Nighthaunts you from the opening sequences and doesnt hold anything back.The movie premiered back in 2017, distributed by A24, and if you know anything about A24, you know they mean business when it comes to horror.

It Comes at Nighttakes place after an apocalypse wipes the world of most people. The few remaining survivors the movie follows must share a home and work together to survive and keep the evil that lurks outside out.

4. The Platform

Do you know whats better than a horror movie on Netflix? A foreign horror movie on Netflix! At Netflix Life, we caughtThe Platformearlier last year, and it was nothing we expected but we mean this in the best way!

The Platformfeatures a corrupted system and dark themes that some have been comparing as being parallel to society today. That said, because of this and heavy elements of gore (seriously, this movie is not for thesqueamish), please note this movie is not for everyone!

5. Cargo

Still not over the zombie craze? Hey, were not here to judge! In fact, we love a fun and chilling zombie thriller from time to time, andCargois a favorite.There are zombies and thrills, but there is also a lot of heart in the story.

Cargofollows a father desperately searching for survivors to take in his infant daughter as his time is quickly beginning to run out.

Which of these horror movies on Netflix will you be watching this weekend? Do you prefer light scares or haunting terrors?

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5 best horror movies on Netflix this weekend: Sightless and more - Netflix Life

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