Is there a January horror movie worth a damn? – The A.V. Club

Clockwise from top: The Grudge (Screenshot: Sony Pictures Releasing); Underworld: Blood Wars (Screenshot: Sony Pictures Releasing); Insidious: The Last Key (Screenshot: Universal Pictures)Graphic: Baraka Kaseko

An extended eligibility window for a pandemic Oscars means that this year, awards season will extend well into the spring. But for their first episode of 2021, our critics are setting the prestige pics aside and celebrating a January tradition: crappy horror movies. Since 2012's The Devil Inside, the cinematic calendar has reliably featured a throwaway studio horror title on the first weekend of January. And although the streak was broken this year, this weeks Film Club dives in to this ignominious run and asks: Are any of these movies actually worth watching?

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Is there a January horror movie worth a damn? - The A.V. Club

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