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Blumhouse Productions has come up with a new plan to shoot movies amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. We break down what that means for the future of horror movies.

Blumhouse Productionshas been a powerhouse in the horror genre for years, and now they're on the brink of completely changing the way horror movies are made. At the time of writing this article, the Coronavirus pandemic has delayed movie productions across the globe. The questionthat looms when analyzing the future of movies and the film industry is how to bring them back to both audiences and theaters safely. Blumhouse may have found the answer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Blum and Universal Picturesare teaming up to shoot a low-budget film while working in tandem with the new Coronavirus safety protocols. Some of the new procedures would include a smaller-scale production, limited location work, housing the cast and crew together in one hotel and, of course, no more craft services.

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Should this new model succeed, Blumhouse could be on the brink of changing the way horror movies are made moving forward, and could end up creating new industry standards. Let's take a look at how Jason Blum might be changing the future of the genre.

The days of large, blockbuster horror movies might be dead at least for a little while. Blumhouse was built on a low-budget model for its films. That indie vibe was noticeable in some of Blumhouse's earlier endeavors, such asThe Purge,Sinister, andParanormal Activity. As Blumhouse films became more successful over time, its movies had a bigger and more polished feel to them, similar to the majority of horror films that hit major screens and got wide theatrical releases. But with Jason Blum vowing to take a morebare-bonesapproach to movie-making, other studios could likely follow his approach and create more low-budget horror movies, should his methods be deemed successful.

What does this mean for the horror genre? For the foreseeable future, horror movies may shift to the same feel as early Blumhouse movies. Blum and Universal's plan calls for shooting a movie on Universal's lot, keeping the cast and crew safer than they would be if they needed to travel to various locations. Should other studios began to follow suit, that means audiences can expect more contained horrormovies that take place in a limited amount of locations or even employ exclusively single-location shoots.The smaller-scale shoots mean less budget to create monsters, demons, or anything else that might go bump in the night. This likely means that future horror movies would be more grounded in reality and focused on people, althoughParanormal Activitymanaged to create supernatural fights for a budget of only $15,000 back in 2007.

Should Blum's new model for making horror movies be successful, these changes will come with some pros and cons. Blumhousewent through a round of layoffs during the Coronavirus pandemic. Sticking with smaller productions could call for more, and if other studios follow suit, they may need to do the same thing. But as for the movies themselves, this could usher in a new era for the genre. Moving forward, horror could easily become completely driven by indie films. Up-and-coming performers and directors could see their chance in the spotlight, thanks toBlumhouse's experimental new model for making horror movies that banks on a less is more strategy.

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