‘Horror movie’ dog attack sees poor little Chihuahua have third of its lung removed – Daily Star

A tiny chihuahua is fighting for is fighting for his life after being mauled by an unleashed fighter dog.

The owner of the dog has been left traumatised after the horrifying incident which took place outside their home.

Paco is currently being treated at the Sydney Veterinary Emergency & Specialists in Sydney, Australia.

Poor six-month-old Paco was out with his owner, Bruna Meirelles, in the communal garden at her apartment building when the attack took place.

The fighter dog is believed to be a staffordshire bull terrier cross pit bull named Bella.

Rescue dog Bella spotted Paco and attacked him.

Ms Meirelles described the chilling moment, she said: She ran straight at him (Paco). The owner called her back but she kept coming. Because Paco loves staffies, he started walking toward her, but she opened her mouth and grabbed him by the chest and started shaking him."

She said the attack was like something out of a horror movie, reports news.com.au.

Ms Meirelles said she had previous experience with rescue dogs in Brazil, and she used to rehabilitate fighting dogs.

She said: I was familiar with the behaviour and knew what to do.

I grabbed her (Bella) by the collar and put her between my legs and squeezed her before putting my hands in her mouth and prying her jaw open.

Bella's owner had quickly left after the shocking incident, Ms Meirelles did not manage to get a look at him she says.

Paco was left being unable to walk, after being rushed to a local vet he fainted.

He had a punctured lung and required surgery, which was successful.

However he is still undergoing oxygen therapy.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for Paco's vet bill.

Bruna is now searching for Bella's owner, however says she has no hard feelings towards the rescue dog.

Paco's owner is now worried to take the little dog out again, she said: "I couldnt go through that again. He was an extremely social dog with a strong personality, but he has gone through so, so much."

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'Horror movie' dog attack sees poor little Chihuahua have third of its lung removed - Daily Star

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