‘Valentine’ Director Jamie Blanks Hosting a Live Commentary and Q&A for the Film’s 20th Anniversary – Bloody Disgusting

When it comes to Valentines Day-themed horror movies, your choices are pretty slim. Aside from horror movies that just generally deal with romance, of course, the most popular picks are either the original My Bloody Valentine or the remake of My Bloody Valentine. But theres also 2000s slasher Valentine, which is actually celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The post-Scream slasher was directed by Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend), and Blanks took to Twitter today to announce a 20th anniversary live commentary and Q&A event!

Blanks tweets, Im doing a live commentary and Q&A for Valentines 20th anniversary. It will be hosted on my mate @pizowells YT channel on the evening of Feb 14th (US). Feb 15 in Australia. Hoping to be joined by some of the key crew as well.

Time and other details coming soon. For now, be sure to follow pizowell on YouTube.

In the 2001 film, five women are stalked by an unknown assailant while preparing for Valentines Day.

Denise Richards, David Boreanaz, Marley SheltonandKatherine Heiglstar.

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'Valentine' Director Jamie Blanks Hosting a Live Commentary and Q&A for the Film's 20th Anniversary - Bloody Disgusting

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