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While there have been many great horror movies released in recent years, a few have flown under the radar. Here are the best and where to stream them.

Haunted homes and graveyards may be horror movie staples. But if one thinks about it, morgues are far creepier than both, and yet, only a few films, likeThe Autopsy of Jane Doe,are set in its backdrop. Oddly enough, though, Andr vredaldrew his inspirationforThe Autopsy of Jane Doefromthe renowned haunted home film,The Conjuring.

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Just like The Conjuringharps on age-old horror tropes and still manages to bring something new to the table, the director wanted to take a familiar concept and then bring a terrifying twist to it. That's probablythe reason why it has a self-explanatory title. One look at it and viewers can anticipate what happens. However, asvredal had intended, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Although obscure,The Autopsy of Jane Doeis an effective horror film.

The Hollywood directorial debut ofNorwegian filmmakerAndr vredal,The Autopsy of Jane Doeunfolds from the perspective ofa father-son coroner duo. As they investigate the death of a beautiful "Jane Doe," a series of supernatural events surrounding the girl's death begin to haunt them.

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With a modest budget of $6 million dollars,The Autopsy of Jane Doeoffersa unique take on the horror genre that slowly creeps under a viewer's skin and then stays there long after the credits start rolling.

Ten years following the disturbing demise of her parents,Kaylie tries to restore her tainted relationship with her brother, Tim. While she's at it, she grows suspicious oftheir antiqueLasser Glass mirror and blames it for everything that happened to their family. Her suspicion turns into reality when the mirror unveils its evil forces and makes them see sinister things.

As typical as it may seem with its trope-y mirror-centric premise,Oculus effectively subverts a viewer's expectations and proves to be a lot scarier than anticipated.

The Lodge isn't for the weak of heart. Set in a chilly snow-clad backdrop, the movie unfolds its premise in an isolated lodge. Living in it are Richard's two children and their father's new girlfriend, Grace (Riley Keough). As the film proceeds, it reveals that Grace, despite having a kind demeanor, has a sinister past. Meanwhile, even the two children, as innocent as they may seem, are up to no good.

Set aside its ice-cold setup and there's still a lot more chills that the movie can instill with its shocking twists. But more than anything else, it's the movie's performances and grim metaphors that leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Although not a found footage film, The Ritual is woven from the same cloth as The Blair Witch Project. It centers onfour college friends who reunite to pay tribute to an old pal who passed away.

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Initially, the film comes off as a survival horror flick in which the friends scavenge through theScandinavian wilderness while handling their past conflicts. But soon, they unknowingly cross paths with a Norse legend that scares them, stalks them, and tries to hunt them down.

For those who thoroughly enjoyed the Korean horror classic,A Tale Of Two Sisters, Goodnight Mommyis another similar psychological drama that deserves a shot. It revolves around twin brothers who grow suspicious of their mother's identity when she returns home with a bandaged faceafter reconstructive surgery.

Demanding a little patience from the viewer in its first act, Goodnight Mommyleads to a satisfying coda where a viewer will either be wincing in terror or pretending to be an armchair sleuth - determined to get the bottom of its mysteries.

Only a few filmmakers are able to capture the essence of H.P Lovecraft's quote: "The oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown." Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are among them. Spring isone oftheir manyunderappreciated films that cleverly blurs the lines between monster horror and romance.

With scenic visuals of Italy as its backdrop, the film tells the story of an American traveler, Evan, who fatefully meets an alluring genetics student, Louise. Sparks fly between the two, but Louise is hiding a dark secret.

The Wind is a critically-acclaimed Western horror film that centers on afrontierswoman named Lizzie. Living in the wilderness, far away from the crowds of the cities, she's divided between two beliefs: she is either being overly superstitious or, as her senses suggest, she's being followed by an omnipresent being.

Soon after moving to anearby homestead, Lizzy realizes that there is indeed a sinister force growing all around her and she must act before it's too late.

Among the manymovies and tales inspired by The Danvers State Hospital, Session 9ranks somewhere around the top.It takes its time to unfold its complex premise, but when it does, it goes well beyond the generic tropes of most horror films out there.

With a single viewing experience, most viewers will only see it as a tale ofasbestos removal workers who start losing their minds while working in an abandoned insane asylum. However, perhaps on a second viewing, its undercurrent of well-thought-out psychological themeswill become more evident.

The plot of The Invitationis simple. It's about a manwho visits his former house to attend a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife and her new husband. But right off the bat, he feels that there's something seriously eerie about his ex and the guests she has invited.

As simple as its storyline may seem, The Invitation cleverly creates an immersive experience for viewers by harping on real-life social dynamics. Putting together one piece at a time,the movie ultimately leads to a rattling yet satisfying conclusion.

CementingJustin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's place as one of the most inventive indie directors of our time, The Endlessis acosmic horror film with a loopy sci-fi twist. Interestingly, the two directors play the roles of its protagonist brothers, who return to a death cult they had escaped as teenagers.

Upon arriving at Camp Arcadia, they realize that what they had touted as a death cult is still lively as ever, and their old friends are still alive and healthy. But the longer they stick around, the more they understand why they left in the first place. Fans of Lovecraftian horror, or anything in the likes of Brit Marling's creations, should definitely check this one out.

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