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Suddenly, I'm witchy

The most watched horror film on Netflix today is an indie chiller that has set unprecedented records with its success. The Wretched is a witchy shocker from the extremely talented Brett and Drew Pierce. These real-life brothers and horror heroes had their World Premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival in 2019. Positive reviews and strong fan response to this scary title saw it acquired by IFC Films and it even received a Malaysian release supported by MGM.

But thats not all. Before The Wretched became the most-viewed horror film on Netflix, it broke another record, one set by James Camerons Avatar. This original horror film was released in drive-in theaters and on Premium VOD back on May 1st, 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically limited its theatrical competition. Thanks to these bizarre and totally unique release circumstances, it went on to spend a whopping six weeks atop the US box office. This has not been done since the 2009 megablockbuster release of Avatar, etching The Wretched squarely into the horror history books.

The film itself stars John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda, Zarah Mahler, Gabriela Quezeada Bloomgarden, Kevin Bigley, Richard Ellis, Azie Tesfai, and Jamison Jones. It concerns a teen boy who finds himself battling an evil witch who lives right next door. Part coming-of-age drama and part folklore chiller, The Wretched is a totally unique release thats well-deserving of its wild success.

You can watch The Wretched right now on Netflix where its currently the number eight most viewed movie in America. By process of elimination, its also the number one horror movie on the platform, and we love to see it.

Lastly, how do you feel? Are you surprised by all of the success acquired by The Wretched? Let us know over on Twitter via @DreadCentral. Were always around to chat about all things Netflix horror!

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The Number 1 Horror Movie On Netflix Reached A Box-Office Record Set By 'Avatar' - Dread Central

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