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Its old hat at this point to use the so what did YOU do during your quarantine? gag, because you probably already did a lot of good stuff and grew, and of course a moderately famous person within Hollywood would make a movie anyway during a period of strife. But every once in a while, you hear something so astounding, so ridiculous, so unexpected, that you just feel like you have to pull it back out. That piece of news comes to us this Monday from Deadline, who report that Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters spent a chunk of their time during the pandemic making a horror movie. Its called Studio 666, was directed by BJ McDonnell (who previously directed both Hatchet 3 and a fucking Slayer movie), and it has already secured theatrical distribution.

Heres how Deadline summarizes the project:

Think A Hard Days Night of the Living Dead, with laughs among the scares and splatter, and youve got a handle on STUDIO 666. Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters bandmates star in a film they shot in secret, about what happens when the legendary rock band rents an Encino mansion steeped in grisly rock and roll history, to record their 10th album. Trouble is, frontman Grohl is creatively blocked, and when evil forces in the house sink into his consciousness, the creative juices begin flowing but so does the blood. Can Foo Fighters complete the album, with the band still alive to tour?

And heres a quote from Grohl, also from Deadline, thats so priceless we had to reprint it in full:

After decades of ridiculous music videos and numerous music documentaries under our collective belts, it was finally time to take it to the next level A full length feature horror comedy film, said Grohl. Like most things Foo, STUDIO 666 began with a far fetched idea that blossomed into something bigger than we ever imagined possible. Filmed at the same house where we recorded our latest album Medicine at Midnight told you that place was haunted! we wanted to recapture the classic magic that all of our favorite rock and roll movies had, but with a twist: Hilarious gore that fucking rocks. And now, with the help of Tom Ortenberg and the team at Open Road Films we can finally let this cat out of the bag after keeping it our best kept secret for two years. Be ready to laugh, scream, and headbang in your popcorn. STUDIO 666 will fuck you up.'

Theres even a poster for the film, already, which tells you every single thing you probably need to know about this project even before you see a second of footage from it:

So, stay tuned for more news about Studio 666, which is currently scheduled to hit theaters everywhere on February 14. Will this be a Rob Zombie deal, where we find out that Grohl and company have some chops, or will it be a Danzig situation, where were all rewarded with a new midnight movie to howl at? Either way, were hoping for the best.

See the article here:
Whoa, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters made a horror movie - Vanyaland

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