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The New Year has arrived and, yes, it does feel like it has been 2021 for about three years already. Want to get time moving a little faster? Then sink a few hours into these new movies and shows currently on streaming services around the world. Over on Netflix, there are two excellent new originals to devour: Pieces of a Woman, which could very well be another Oscar contender for the streamer, and History of Swear Words, which features Nic Cage swearing. A lot.

Over on Amazon Prime, UK subscribers can enjoy every season of The Shield, while US subscribers have Dexter to watch. HBO Max has Scream to offer, while BBC iPlayer features La La Land. Need to know more? Then start scrolling to get our streaming recommendations for the week.

Available: Worldwide

Vanessa Kirby, who you may have seen before as Princess Margaret in The Crown, gives a stunning performance as a woman struggling with the trauma and grief of losing her newborn baby. The film co-stars Shia LaBeouf, and is directed by Kornl Mundrucz. Not one to be watched lightly, especially with an almost 30-minute long, one-take birth scene, but Kirbys performance is receiving high praise, with some calling for an Oscar nomination for the actor.

Available: UK

The Shield is probably the blindspot in your Mount Rushmore of must-see TV shows. Youve made your way through Mad Men and polished off The Wire in record time The Shield should be next on your lockdown watchlist.

Following corrupt cop Vic Mackey and his motley crew of Los Angeles cops and crooks, The Shield laid down the gauntlet and provided the blueprint for the next decade-and-a-halfs cop procedurals and prestige dramas. Theres shock deaths galore, twists and turns, all underpinned by an incredibly charismatic cast, that includes Walton Goggins Shane Vendrell among its standouts. Its one of the rare shows that manages to stick the landing and make for compelling watching all the way through.

Available: Worldwide

A Netflix Original TV show with Nic Cage taking us through the history of cursing what could be better (or stranger)? Embark on a journey that will explain the origins of some of the most frequently used swear words, where youll hear from experts in, not only history and etymology, but entertainment and pop culture. If youre looking for some much-needed escapism this weekend, History of Swear Words is definitely a strong choice plus, youll be able to dazzle your friends and family (and turn the air blue) with everything youve learned from each 20-minute episode.

Available: UK

For some brightly coloured, musical escapism, you cant go wrong with La La Land. Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, the film follows Stones Mia, who dreams of becoming an actress, and Goslings Sebastian, a jazz pianist. Naturally, they fall in love but the realities of their conflicting ambitions threatens their relationship. Directed by Damian Chazelle, this film was wildly successful upon its release and scooped four Oscars in 2017 (though famously not Best Picture).

Available: US

Sure, it might be a little bit early in the year for scary movie marathons, but theres no better way to begin one than with Scream, Wes Cravens meta-horror flick. With Scream 5 headed our way in 2022, catch up on the story of Sydney and co. going up against the murderous Ghostface. With an impressive cast that includes Neve Campbell, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Matthew Lillard and Drew Barrymore, this darkly funny slasher movie is a great choice for a weekend streaming session.

Available: US

Shaky final season aside, theres a reason why Dexter captivated audiences for over half-a-decade, and its all in the premise. Michael C. Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a forensic analyst who not only specialises in tracking down killers, but also murdering them in increasingly brutal and bloody ways.

As cat and mouse games ensue between Miami PD, Dexter, and a literal murderers row of felons, each season becomes a masterclass in generation tension through terse and shocking showdowns. Better yet, the show is returning in the near future so its best to get all the bloodletting out of the way now in preparation for the serial killers comeback tour.

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