First Images from New Year’s Slasher ‘Time’s Up’ Reveal Killer "Father Time" and the Cast [Exclusive] – Bloody Disgusting

Five four three two DONE!

New Years Eve may have come and gone but there will always be another and well always be looking for appropriate horror movies to watch on those nights. There arent all that many of them, to be sure, but a brand new one is at least on the way in the form of Times Up.

The upcoming slasher film from directorsL.C. Holt and Damian Maffeiwill feature a cast that includes Damian Maffei(The Strangers Prey at Night, Haunt),Hannah Fierman(V/H/SandSiren),L.C. Holt(Youre Next, V/H/S/2), Kamarra Cole (Balboa Blvd.), Kate A. Kiddo (On Location),Felissa Rose(Sleepaway Camp), Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp), Dave Sheridan(Scary Movie, The Devils Rejects) and Chaney Morrow(Wrong Turn).

InTimes Up

On New Years Eve, a group of teachers at an idyllic Maine high school find themselves stalked by an assailant bent on revealing their darkest secrets. By midnightheads will roll.

The film is currently in its second week of production but weve already got some exclusive first-look images for you, one of which (seen above) shows off the movies killer. His name is Father Time, and hell surely be slashing his way through everyone else you see pictured

Left to right: Kamarra Cole, Damian Maffei, Kate A. Kiddo, Jonathan Tiersten, L.C. Holt, Hannah Fierman

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First Images from New Year's Slasher 'Time's Up' Reveal Killer "Father Time" and the Cast [Exclusive] - Bloody Disgusting

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