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I've seen all the movies, and all of them several times each, on dvd and vhs formats, and on the first three, I've seen all three on both vhs and dvd and own the first two on both formats. I loved the first film, and set out to see the next three. I caught one on TV and rented the others. The series started out with the best of intentions and made what I think is a very funny movie. Some of the characters were annoying, and some scenes aren't as funny now or never were in some cases, but they made a movie where you want to see what happens next and what they throw at you, and let's face it. Some of the movies they lampoon were just ripe for the picking. I loved the I know what you did last summer book (although, I love daughters of eve more) and I was semi-disappointed by the movie which wasn't much like the book. Blair witch might have been a big deal then, but when you look back at it, it's just people wandering around in the woods and fighting over losing the map. Scary movie took this and made it funny. Cindy and her friends (who feature two often annoying, sometimes less than funny African American stereotypes) do something they would rather forget they did, but someone else cannot forget it. Soon, her friends start dying off, and the mystery must be solved: who knows? The characters are mostly idiots, but the funniest one is doofy. The characters are often such terrible people, you're kind of glad they died. This is the best movie in the series and after seeing all 5, I think the series just went down hill slowly after this, trotting out these I can't believe it's him/her cameos (Lindsey lohan, Charlie sheen, tori spelling) and just not being as funny as the original.

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Reviewed and Recommended by Erik Baquero
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