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With Disney+ adding adult content at their STAR branch, what titles are subscribers looking forward to? This includes Borat, Deadpool and Family Guy.

On the 23rd of February, Disney+ will be launching STAR, which is set to be the streaming service's biggest addition of content since it first started. However, rather than adding more family-friendly content that is for everyone, Disney is going to be adding a lot moretelevision shows and movies that are aimed more at adults.

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Disney+ will be gaining some new content; the likes of which people would never have associated with Disney. Whether it's because of violence or the relationships shown, there is a lot of adult content coming that is going to really shake things up, but what are subscribers most excited for?

When Disney+ first launched, one of its big draws was the fact that it had every episode of The Simpsons, which is one of the most iconic and beloved television shows of all time. When STAR launches, Disney is once again bringing a very popular animated television show, this time withFamily Guy.

Of course, The Simpsons and Family Guy have always been compared and contrasted, but the one big difference between them has always been that the latteris targeted at adult audiences. The show can becontroversialat times, but that is where its form of comedy lies, and now both these shows will live on the same streaming service.

The Fly is absolutely not the type of movie that people expect from Disney+, as this classic body-horror movie is absolutely grotesque, and has some nightmare-inducing physical effects. However, while it is certainly not suitable for younger or skittish viewers, this is one that adults will be excited to see.

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While it's not a horror movie that is packed with jump scares, as tends to be the case with modern movies in this genre, it is still a very scary movie. Jeff Goldblum brings an amazing performance to this one, while the physical effects throughout are extraordinary.

Prison Break is an incredibly popular show and one that many people have binge-watched already. Now, audiences will get the chance to check it out again on Disney+ as the hit series is going to be joining the STAR section.

A prison breakout isn't the typical setting for something Disney-related, but that will certainly be an option for adult audiences in the future. The show has some fantastic character dynamics and lots of twists and turns that keeps things unpredictable throughout.

Considering that Deadpool is set to be joining the MCU in the future, it makes sense for this movie to be joining Disney+, giving people a taste of what this character is all about. Of course, Deadpool is a loudmouth character who swears a lot, with the movie being packed with sexual humor and heavy violence.

That is what makes it so different from the MCU movies, and the sequel only took all of that up a notch from the original. However, it is still a brilliant movie and one that people will be very excited to see.

It's been almost a decade since Desperate Housewives went off the air, and because of that, there is a whole generation of people who have likely never visited the world of Wisteria Lane. That is why this show is one that a lot of people are excited to see join Disney+.

The series follows a group of suburban housewives who are all friends, but while they like to present themselves and their lives as perfect to each other, behind closed doors that isn't always the case. The series is full of startling secrets and plot twists that really make for the best drama possible.

The Sitter is certainly not a movie for younger audiences due to a lot of the comedy that is put into it. However, this is a lot of fun, with Noah having to spend his time babysitting after getting suspended from college, and of course, not everything goes to plan with that.

The movie places Jonah Hill in the lead role, and as tends to be the case with his movies, it is packed with over the top comedy that certainly brings some hilarious moments, which is something that older audiences will enjoy.

Scream Queens is a horror series that blends elements of comedy and slashers together in a unique manner, creating a really entertaining show. It's one that keeps audiences guessing and on edge, as a serial killer is on the loose, attacking and terrorizing the main characters in several different locations.

The fact that it takes place in so many different locations is what really adds the fear factor to the show. However, the lead characters (including Ariana Grande) in the show bring plenty of sass and humor to the series as well, which is what makes it so entertaining.

Phone Booth is a gripping thriller that is a prime example of how dialogue can really drive a movie, without the need for too much action. Colin Farrell is excellent as the lead role in this movie, stuck in a phone booth, not being able to leave due to the fear that he will be shot when the call ends.

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The movie has a great element of mystery and intrigue as the plot thickens throughout. It's gripping and incredibly tense as audiences are left wondering how or if he will survive all the way throughout.

While theBorat sequel was recently released as an Amazon Prime exclusive, the original Boratmovie is set to be part of Disney+ STAR. This is one of the movies that people have been most shocked to see join the streaming service, purely because of how adult-orientated this movie is.

Borat is a hilarious comedy and is arguably Sacha Baron Cohen's greatest character. The movie is a mockumentary that takes Borat to America, where he makes a documentary on the country. This is certainly one that isn't for the entire family to watch due to the content of the movie, but for the adults, this will no doubt be a popular choice.

Sons Of Anarchy is absolutely something that people wouldn't typically expect to see on Dinsey+, as this show is all about motorcycle gangs, which features a lot of violence and other adult-related content. The series follows Jax Teller as he follows in his father's footsteps to become the leader of SAMCRO.

While he might try to take the gang into legal business, the fact is that along the way there is a lot of violence, which makes things difficult for them. However, the show is full of twists and turns, secrets, and backstabbing plots that keeps audiences hooked, and is certainly something fans are looking forward to.

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