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Conspiracy theories can be dangerous when taken at face value, especially now that the internet has made it hard for some folks to tell the difference between legitimate information and paranoid rambling. However, when used as a storytelling tool, conspiratorial thinking can also serve as a reminder about the merits of questioning authority and fighting back against an unfair status quo.

This rebellious spirit is likely the reason why these theories have inspired so many great movies. From alien abductions to secret societies manipulating world events from behind the scenes, paranoid narratives often lead to great storytelling, and thats why weve decided to come up with a list of 6 of the best conspiracy horror movies. After all, it can occasionally be fun to put on the proverbial tin-foil hat and dive down a conspiratorial rabbit hole.

Naturally, there are several great movies that didnt quite make the cut (everything from William Friedkins Bug to John Carpenters They Live), so dont forget to share your own favorites with us in the comments below. And remember the weirder, the better!

Now, onto the list

6. Pi (1998)

Math is already terrifying enough depending on how well you did in High School, but Darren Aronofskys Pi is notable for turning one of humanitys most rational concepts into the basis for a thrilling descent into madness. Featuring a down-on-his-luck mathematician who discovers a mystical sequence of numbers, audiences are soon thrown into a mysterious world of stock market manipulation, divine inspiration and Jewish prophecies.

My personal favorite of Aronofskys mind-bending thrillers, Pi is a must-watch for psychological-horror fans with a taste for religious conspiracy. Actual mathematicians may take issue with the films loose interpretation of real-world concepts like the Fibonacci sequence and the titular Pi, but this is still one hell of a compelling ride with a shockingly memorable finale.

5. The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998)

You cant talk about conspiracies without bringing up The X-Files, so its no surprise that the shows big-screen spin-off made it onto the list. Fight the Future may technically be a bridge between the series fifth and sixth seasons, but it also works as a standalone investigation where Mulder and Scully attempt to expose a plot between extraterrestrials and a secret society hell-bent on subjugating humanity.

Youll probably enjoy the movie a lot more if youre already familiar with the source material, but casual viewers will still likely appreciate the films dedication to using nearly all of the best conspiracy tropes in a single story. From Black Helicopters to UFOs and top-secret biological weapons, Id recommend the film as both an introduction to these iconic characters and a paranoid sci-fi thriller.

4. The Vast of Night (2019)

With post-war paranoia and secretive government investigations like Project Bluebook, the 1950s were a golden age for conspiracy theories. Thats why Andrew Pattersons slow-burn mystery film The Vast of Night works so well as a lovingly retro period piece. Telling the story of a DJ and switchboard operator who stumble on an unexplainable audio frequency in New Mexico, the film takes us on a surprisingly intimate ride through classic Sci-Fi tropes.

Some audiences may be put off by the films deliberate pacing and subtle approach to science fiction, but I think that Pattersons restraint in revealing the true nature of the forces behind the mysterious signal is precisely what makes this such a compelling thriller.

3. Project Avalanche (2016)

Being one of the most important events in human history, its not surprising that the Moon Landing also became the source of countless conspiracy theories. While a number of books and movies have suggested that Armstrongs giant leap for mankind was part of an elaborate hoax, Matt Johnsons Found-Footage oddity Project Avalanche is by far the most convincing and entertaining of these conspiratorial yarns.

Chronicling the misadventures of a group of CIA agents attempting to convince their bosses that they can fake the moon landing if the real project doesnt get off the ground, Project Avalanche is the most believable Found-Footage period-piece out there. It may not be particularly scary, but the film is even more impressive when you consider that Johnson and his crew managed to convince NASA that they were producing a legitimate documentary, allowing for several scenes shot within their real facilities. Now thats commitment to realism!

2. The Conspiracy (2012)

Another Found-Footage flick, Christopher MacBrides The Conspiracy is inspired by the real Bohemian Grove footage that leaked back in 2000. For those who dont remember, the amateur video sparked rumors that world leaders routinely gather in a private club to participate in occult rituals and plan a new world order (while possibly conducting human sacrifice).

The details of this particular conspiracy theory obviously sound a bit absurd when you say them out loud, but they do make for a fun scary movie dealing with secret societies and the horrors of human sacrifice. Its not a perfect experience, but Id recommend The Conspiracy to both conspiracy nuts and casual horror fans looking for some paranoid thrills.

1. Jacobs Ladder (1990)

Influencing everything from Silent Hill to The X-Files and even Rick and Morty episodes, Jacobs Ladder is one of the most important horror films to come out of the 90s. Naturally, this chilling tale about a Vietnam veteran being haunted by demonic visions as he leads a double life was itself inspired by real stories of unethical military projects like the infamous MK Ultra experiments and the use of illegal chemicals like Agent Orange.

While the film is supposedly missing over twenty minutes of horrific footage that the director cut due to negative test audience reactions, its still one hell of a scary ride through the terrors of grief and post-traumatic stress, all culminating in some of the most disturbingly memorable visuals ever put in a horror film. Its definitely not for the faint of heart, but this is one scary movie that no horror hound should miss.

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