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Devon Sawa was roughly 17 years old when he took on Casper's living form, making him nearly 43 as of this writing. Suffice to say, he grew up a lot in that time, and his filmography has certainly done the same on screens big and small alike. Following "Casper," Sawa's next big credit arrived in 2000 as Alex Browning in the first "Final Destination" movie, with the likes of "Slackers" and "Creature of Darkness" joining his rsum down the road. Some of his latest cinematic efforts include "Disturbing the Peace" and "Hunter Hunter," both of which debuted in 2020.

As for television, Devon Sawa has tried out a bit of everything since playing human Casper. From 1995 to 1996, he covered a handful of minor voice acting roles on "Action Man" and later provided the vocals of Flash Thompson on an episode of "Spider-Man" in 2003. When it comes to live-action work, Sawa has popped up on programs ranging from "NCIS: Los Angeles" to "Nikita," most recently lending his talents to "Somewhere Between" as well as the rebooted "Hawaii Five-0" and "MacGuyver" series.

Audiences haven't seen the last of Devon Sawa either, seeing as some of his most prominent in-production projects include "Death Rider in the House of Vampires," "Gasoline Alley," and the highly anticipated "Chucky" TV show. As you can see, he has avoided the tragic pitfalls that come with being a child actor and has more than flourished in Hollywood, capitalizing on his "Casper" momentum and then some.

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What The Little Boy From Casper Looks Like Now - Looper

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