‘Don’t Panic’: Vinegar Syndrome Releases Replica Pajamas Based on the 1988 Horror Film – Bloody Disgusting

If youve seen Rubn Galindo Jr.s Dont Panic, recently released on Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray, you probably took note of the pajamas main character Michael wears in the film. Granted, its a pretty obscure outfit from a pretty obscure movie, but Vinegar Syndrome is all about celebrating obscurity and theyre doing precisely that with a replica set of those very pajamas!

Released today as part of their annual Valentines Day Weekend sale, which also includes a 4K Ultra HD release of 1977s SexWorld and slashes the price of 150 classic erotica titles by 50%, the Dont Panic Pajamas are selling for $25, with sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. The design was recreated by Lumary Santana, who hand drew the art from old VHS stills.

Vinegar Syndrome explains

Nothing says Im turning seventeen today and Im ready to outrun a demonic evil! quite like being a grown adult wearing full body dinosaur pajamas. And now, just like Michael in Rubn Galindo Jr.s fan favorite 80s horror epic Dont Panic, you can fight supernatural forces in your very own nearly screen accurate two-piece PJs with long sleeve shirt and pants.

You can order the pajamas and/or the Dont Panic Blu-ray today!

In Dont Panic, Galindo Jrs tribute to Nightmare on Elm Street, Its Michaels 17th birthday and his friends have decided to surprise him with the ultimate birthday bash: breaking into his house and playing with a Ouija board. But what they think is just a harmless bit of fun quickly turns into a supernatural terror when they unwittingly summon a demonic presence named Virgil, who proceeds to possess someone close to Michael, forcing them to savagely kill anyone and everyone Michael cares about. All the while, Michael begins to have terrifying dreams which he slowly begins to realize might be visions of the carnage that only he can stop.

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'Don't Panic': Vinegar Syndrome Releases Replica Pajamas Based on the 1988 Horror Film - Bloody Disgusting

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