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Multi award-winning recording artist and pop icon Kesha joins the party on episode 203 of Bloody Disgustings Boo Crew Podcast. We chat with Kesha about her journey in redefining pop music; her interest in the supernatural, paranormal, the unexplained, true crime and horror; and her new podcast Kesha and the Creepies; as well as her latest album release HIGH ROAD, available now on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

One of our favorite topics to discuss with guests is their first experience watching a horror movie. When asked about her first horror movie experience, Kesha tells us, Its still my favorite movie. And actually my cosmetic packaging was inspired by THE SHINING, that I have seen SO many times. Its so traumatizing and its one of my favorite movies ever. When asked about this film in particular and what moved her about it she says, Everything. The story obviously but also where it was shot, Ive also been to the hotel that its based on. The interior design, the cast, the little creepy kid Danny, the twins, the whole thing!

There are many horror movies in recent years that Kesha has enjoyed. A couple of recent horror movies that left an impression on her include, HEREDITARY was shocking and also by the same director, MIDSOMMAR, was also shocking. Those are two that stick out and I kinda get obsessive and watch things over and over. Im the same with records, I listen to them over and over. Also, PEEPING TOM, its from the 1960s. Its about a Peeping Tom thats a total creep and its shot in hypercolor, which I love. Everything is really extra blue and extra colorful like THE WIZARD OF OZ. And I also love old school horror movies.

The feeling of being scared is something us horror fans enjoy immensely. When we asked Kesha about being scared and why she personally enjoys the experience, she explained, Its just so fun to be scared. Right? It just makes you feel alive. Ive jumped out of an airplane for the same reason, and I go swimming with sharks for the same reason. I live off of adrenaline and I love it. Its addictive and when I go on stage I feel that same rush where its like who knows whats about to happen but its going to be fun! Thats what I feel when I watch scary movies I like to scare the shit out of myself. I dont know why.

Last November, Kesha launched her very own podcast Kesha and the Creepies on iHeart Radio. Her inaugural guest featured the Godfather of Shock Rock himself, Mr. Alice Cooper, on an episode titled Demons Vs Ghosts with Alice Cooper. She shares this about talking with fellow music icons and celebrities, Its a whole new world to me. I am genuinely interested in talking to people and hearing about their spiritual experiences, their weirdest experiences, their supernatural experiences anything thats unexplainable. I recently talked to Demi Lovato about her experiences with extraterrestrials and Im so interested in that. All those kind of things, I love hearing people that I respect on their perspectives on what is going on in the world. I think that a lot of things in life are driven by the fear of dying, right? Which is why Im attracted to scary movies.

We had an absolute blast chatting with Kesha. She also talked to us about seeking out haunted locations while on tour, shooting a music video at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown LA back in the day, and much more!

Check out Keshas latest album release HIGH ROAD, and her incredible new single Stronger, a collaboration with Dutch DJ Sam Feldt, as well as her new podcast Kesha and the Creepies wherever you get your podcasts. And listen to our interview below!

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The Boo Crew Gets Creepy with Kesha to Talk Horror and More! [Podcast] - Bloody Disgusting

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