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If these vintage movie monsters were resurrected for today's audience, they could be just as terrifying, if not more so than their classic depictions.

When people think about classic movie monsters, images of characters like the Wolf Man, Count Dracula, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon are the first that come to mind.While it is true that these terrors of the silver screenare productsof a bygone age, they caused quite a few nightmares in their prime.

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With the right design, directors, and performances, certain classiccreatures could be downright chilling if given the modern treatment today. Whether they are mindless monsterscrawling in search of blood and beautiful damsels orpsychotic geniuses bent on world domination,there are plenty of vintage horror icons that can still terrifyaudiences everywhere.

The Universal monster movies might have helped shape the genre, but the Hammer horror films went all the way with their ideas.A gorgon might seem out of place in a modern horror movie or at least one in the contemporary setting,but the idea of a monster that can kill with just a look should send chills down everyone's spine.

A true Medusa movie hasn't really been seen in recent years, but whether it's in a dark fantasy flick or a modern artsy-horror masterpiece,a return would be very well received.

The Blobhas already received a remake,but the real horror is the idea of the creature itself. Audiences don't need a remake to make this monster scary, but rather a reimagining.If one Blob was terrifying enough,think of the carnage that would ensue if there were an army of them.

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Imagine the possibilities of multiple blobs consuming every atom of matter in their wake. Better yet, what if they actually had a consciousness and were smarter than the gelatinous being seen in the past? The mind boggles.

Monstersdisguised as human beings will never fail to be scary. So long as there is an anxious human consciousness, there will be the fear of the unknown. It's possible, but a modern interpretation of the Body Snatchers would have to go a little bit more complex than pod people.

Maybe they aren't aliens, maybe they are something found in the horrors of inner space, maybe it's a cult or some original concoction from a brilliant writer,but whatever the new breed is,humans should be very afraid.

A reimagining of this film shouldn't be a remake, but rather a sequel. Similar to the Body Snatchers, a modern version of John Carpenter's The Thingshould alter its creature's origins. While it needs to remain an alien from another planet, landing in the arctic circle might not be the course of action.

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This breed of Thing should be more intelligent, able to morph into other people and possibly inorganic matter to avoid detection.Perhaps even stepping into the shoes of an elusive serial killer for a crime-thriller flavor?

Miniature monster movies are a lost art form that needs a desperate return to modern movie screens, and there needs to be a pure horror experience for those looking for something with a little more bite than Gremlins'Gizmo. Time to open up the gate once more.

These little hellions might be small, but they are pretty powerful compared to most tiny terrors of their kind. A modern adaptation or sequel needs only to update their appearance to sell the scares.Some might agreethe stop-motion puppets didn't age well, even if it is charming in a crude way.

Yet another classic monster that hasn't seen much action,The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde could very well be adapted into a gothic horror masterpiece if given the right treatment.Was someone that like Tim Burton at the helm, a grimm psychological thrillercould bring the story back with pounding applause.

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It would be easy toplay up the murder-mystery angle,but if the right script delved into the psychological aspects of theoriginal story, the results would be incredibly surreal.

Once again, the list is graced by the realm of Hammer horror with Countess Nadasy.Countess Dracula was a highly romanticized account of Elizabeth Bathory, a bloody baroness whose life could spawn a whole horror series.

The amount of potential with this character or her inspiration is practically dripping with possibilities. Whether it's a modern or historical drama adaptation, a film about the infamous Blood Queen would be an absolutely sensual, strange, and scary splatter-fest with, or without, vampirism.

Dracula's Daughteris one of the most underrated horror sequels in existence and it would be absolutely amazing to have a modern adaptation involving a reluctant descendent of the infamous Count. What makes Marya Zaleska a standout character is her reluctance and somewhat sorrowful attitude towards her vampirism.

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These themes could definitely be further explored in a modern adaptation, especially if her vampiric form is impeccably monstrous or destructive. A sympathetic monster never fails to sell tickets.

Putting the sci-fi schlock-fest of This Island Earth aside, Hollywood needs to find a way to bring the Metaluna Mutant into the starring role of a space-set horror flick sometime soon. Just look at this monstrosity; it's absolutely terrifying for something out of 1955.

The modern possibilities of a Metaluna Mutant could give Alien's Xenomorph nightmares. It doesn't have to follow the original film religiously, but seeing one of these things skulking in a spaceship corridor would be positively horrific.

While Francis Ford Coppola's version was an impressive adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel, the industry has come a long way since 1994. The image of a more realistic version of the titular creature could be more grotesque than a hoard fromThe Walking Dead.

Recently,Frankensteinfilms have been a little lackluster in terms of story and reception, but an honest and faithful adaptation is certainly within the realm of possibility. Especially if someone like Guillermo Del Toro could do the creature design.

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