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[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 13, The Raft.]

Not a whole lot happens in The Raft up until the final few minutes, when everything happens all at once.

The majority of the episode revolves around Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) trying to keep baby Mo from Strands (Colman Domingo) rangers while Morgan (Lennie James), who they conveniently meet on the road, tries to get rid of all the walkers in Strands moat. Yep they all started following him after he left the tower. Dorie Sr.s (Keith Carradine) noble sacrifice didnt mean much in the end, and Morgan definitely couldve stabbed him or something so he didnt have an excruciatingly painful death. Bummer.

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The episode begins with Sherry opening up a raft on a mysterious beach, so viewers are led to think she was gearing up to flee. That belief is reinforced by her pointedly avoiding talking about where she was and what she was doing when Dwight asks. But when Dwight discovers maps in her bags, he knows shes thinking about leaving. She says it wasnt for her she wants him to leave on the raft because shes worried the conflict with Strand will turn him into the person he doesnt want to be again.

After running into Morgan and being entrusted with baby Mo, Dwight and Sherry run into some rangers Wes (Colby Hollman) is leading them and they have to fight their way out. They do, but theyre still being pursued, so they stay running. Oh, and bonus complication: Nobody can go back to the sub for safety, because its suddenly leaking radiation. As they keep going, Sherry admits shes being so prickly about the war and the consequences of it on Dwight because drumroll, please shes pregnant. Or, at least she thinks she is.

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While all of this is going on, Morgans working on leading the walkers away from Strand, while Strands rangers try to get them from him. He runs into Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) on the way and says they have to attack the tower that night, while the walkers are gone. but theres a problem: Remember the crater Arno had that was filled with walkers? Someone led those walkers away, and now theres a ramp there, and they cant put the walkers in there or theyll just climb back out. Where are they going to store hundreds and hundreds of the undead? In Alicias (former) bunker, thats where!

Dwight and Sherry stumble on a chair from the bunker as theyre trying to keep away from the rangers, and they realize they can lead the walkers into the bunker and get out through the tunnels. So thats exactly what they do Morgan and Alicia lead the walkers into the bunker, Dwight and Sherry get out through the tunnels, and the rangers who were following them all die except for Wes, who seems destined for a grisly end next episode. Sherry and Dwight also looked at the pregnancy test Sherry took and determined she is, indeed, pregnant, which seems like itll end up dooming one of them.

After their successful mission, Morgan comes to the conclusion that he has to do what Grace (Karen David) told him to do. He has to take Mo and get her as far away from there as he can. Sherry says she knows what can help, and she takes him, and the whole rest of the fighting forces, to the beach to see Morgan off. After some encouraging words to Alicia, he paddles off into the radioactive sunset permanently? Temporarily? We dont know and Alicia starts to guide their forces toward the tower.

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