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Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr., Avaya White as Baby Mo Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 Photo Credit: Lauren Lo Smith/AMC

Things are going sideways inside Strands tower. What will this chaos change before war breaks out? Lets see in my Fear The Walking Dead: Things To Note!


Last weeks Fear The Walking Dead episode, Sonny Boy,was a curveball. Initially, it seemed like an episode showing the tension and discontent bubbling just beneath the surface inside Strands tower. By the end of the episode, Howard and John Dorie Sr. were dead, Mo was back with Morgan, and Wes, Strands new right-hand man. Im not sure any of us expected all of these things to happen by the end of the episode. I certainly didnt.

I would imagine that there are other episodes of Fear TWDwhere more than one major character died in a non-premiere, non-finale episode, but off the top of my head, I cant think of them. Ive often lamented howWalking Dead deaths have become predictable, if not a little senseless, as they seemed to always happen on premiere or finale episodes, even if the death in question came out of left field. Seeing deaths of major characters both make sense and catch me by surprise is refreshing.

Those deaths arent the reason we have Things To Note. Its for pointing out all the hints, clues, references, trivia, and little details that you might overlook the first time through and bringing them to your attention.

Are you ready? Its time for this weeks installment of Fear The Walking Dead: Things To Note!

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Fear The Walking Dead, Sonny Boy: Things To Note - Undead Walking

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