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It is not an exaggeration to say that Halloween (1978) defined and inspired the slasher movie genre for years. Michael Myers is the embodiment of a true nightmare-inducing psycho killer and has given fans countless sleepless nights. Over time, the movie franchise has evolved and is still one of the few horror movie series relevant today.

Halloween movies feature multiple timelines and have been rebooted repeatedly over four decades and 11 films. There are currently two more Halloween projects in the pipeline. The twelfth movie, Halloween Kills, is out this year on October 16th, 2021. The trailer dropped earlier today, increasing the hype around the scary slasher franchise.

Since there are still months left for Halloween Kills to arrive at theatres, fans might understandably want to revisit the horror movie franchise.

The Halloween franchise has 11 movies with four separate timelines that span over decades. Halloween III: Season of the Witch has been left out of the list because the movie didnt feature Michael Myers, and hence, it can be treated as a standalone film.

Heres the list of other Halloween movies in chronological order:

The franchise's first movie, a classic that defined the genre, introduced viewers to Michael Myers. The plot followed the antagonist, who is a murderer and an escaped patient from a psychiatric hospital. Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield, where he stalks a high school girl and later attacks her and her friends on Halloween night.

The movie can give chills to anyone and is a sheer masterpiece by the director John Carpenter.

Halloween II takes place in 1978 and is a direct sequel, while extending the first movies plot where. In the second film, Michael himself is being pursued by his psychiatrist after getting shot by him in the first part.

The movie serves as a good sequel to the John Carpenter classic and is directed by Rick Rosenthal.

After being absent from the third film of the franchise, Michael Myers reappears in the fourth installment, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Halloween 4 is a direct sequel to the second installment and continues Michaels story ten years after his disappearance. Along with Michael, the movie also features the return of another important character, Dr. Sam Loomis, Michaels psychiatrist.

This movie established the permanent status of Michael Myers as the main antagonist.

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Halloween 5 once again saw the return of the antagonist from being nearly dead. Michael Myers goes on a killing spree, while his origin story is also explored in the movie.

However, the charm of the previous films started to vanish through this film due to the excessive use of similar horror movie tropes.

The Curse of Michael Myers was the last movie in the original series, and it was after this movie the first reboot in the franchise happened. The sixth installment in the series was declared an outright critical failure.

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The seventh movie of the horror movie franchise ignores the events of all movies after the second part and serves as a direct sequel to Halloween II. The plot of the movie picks up 20 years after the second film. In Halloween H20, Michael returns for his revenge on Laurie while maintaining a low profile under a different name.

The third movie in the new timeline received mixed reviews and was seen as an upgrade from the previous train-wreck.

Set in 2001, Halloween: Resurrection is not a great movie and is one reason why the Halloween franchise rebooted again. The movie nullified all the progress the franchise had made with H20 and was an utter disappointment that marked the end of the second timeline.

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In 2007, producers brought director Rob Zombie on board to direct the reboot of the 1978 classic. Rob Zombie brought his visions and remade the series while reimagining the menacing Michael Myers. The film involved many gory sequences and terrors of Michael in the fictional town of Haddonfield.

The movie was a direct follow-up of the 2007 horror movie and followed a similar plot with the vision of Rob Zombie. The directors new take changed the movie genre from slasher to conventional horror film by introducing supernatural elements.

The third timeline was again discontinued after the second movie of the franchise.

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After a string of failures, the movie franchise was revitalized in 2018 by David Gordon Green. The movie nullifies all the events that happened after the 1978 classic and serves as a follow-up to Halloween (1978). The story starts 40 years after the events of the original movie with Laurie suffering from PTSD.

The movie adapts to the current era and stays more grounded to the horror reality. The brilliant adaptation resulted in making the movie the best in the franchise after the 1978 one.

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The movie was left on a cliffhanger and is expected to be explored in the upcoming Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, with the former releasing on October 16th, 2021. It will be interesting to see how the latest entry to the horror franchise will perform on the silver screen.

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