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Summer is coming. And vaccinations for almost everyone if all goes well. And after getting vaccinated, hopefully well go on vacation. With caution, of course, but we all want to get out of each other and clear ourselves a little of all the drama and bad times that we have lived since the damn pandemic began. But, as we will continue to spend a lot of time in our homes, or wherever we go on vacation, and we always want to see something on TV, Netflix arrives loaded with news for the month of June. As it usually happens every month, it brings us a little of everything.

Lets go by parts. If we talk about series we have several interesting news. The first that we are going to highlight is the second season of Black Summer, one of the best zombie series we have ever seen. The first season left all of us fans of the genre wanting more and the second season finally arrives in the middle of the month to satisfy our cravings. Created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, Black Summer will remind you in many ways of the first seasons of The Walking Dead, although this Canadian series is even more stark than the AMC classic. If when you finish the new season, you have more desire to continue watching the undead, we recommend that you read the article about our 10 favorite zombie movies.

Our second recommendation in the form of a series is also a second season, that of Lupine, the French series that swept the premiere of its first installment. At the end of that first season we left the hero of the story in a very difficult moment, with his son in the hands of his enemies and he between a rock and a hard place. This second season of Lupine promises.

In national terms, the fourth season of Elite arrives, with the arrival of a new director in Las Encinas. Another series in Castilian that points out very good manners is Somos. It is based on a controversial report written by the American journalist Ginger Thompson titled in 2017 called Anatomy of a massacre, which described the role of the DEA in the massacre that took place in the city of Allende and compiled the testimonies of the victims.

If movies are your thing, Netflix also offers several premieres during June. Dancing Queens is a Swedish film in which we will see a young woman from a small town who dreams of being a dancer. For this he disguises himself as a man and thus be able to perform in a drag club that does not live its best moments. For its part, in Being a father we will witness one of the most exciting and complicated adventures in life. Kevin Hart steps into the shoes of a widower in this story based on the biography of Matthew Logelin. Matt loses his wife during childbirth and, after assuming the loss of his love, he has to take care of all his daughters care. Prepare the tissues because he points out ways to make us cry out loud.

Here are the Netflix highlights for the month of June.

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1 Dancing Queens (film) June 3

Dylan Pettersson (Molly Nutley) is 23 years old, lives on a small island in the Swedish archipelago of Bohusln and dreams of being a dancer. When she is persuaded to work as a cleaner in the Queens, a drag club on the brink of bankruptcy, the venues main star and choreographer (Fredrik Quiones) randomly discovers her talent. Dylan dreams of being in the show, but its a drag queen number and shes a girl. But wanting is power.

2 Feel Good (series) June 4

Second season. In Feel Good, Mae Martin plays the role of Mae, a rising and detoxifying stand-up comedian whose life is dominated by addictive behaviors and extreme romanticism. When he meets the pragmatic George heterosexual until then, Mae falls madly in love with her. And when, to their surprise, George reciprocates, the two are swept up in a heady romance.

3 Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy (series) June 4

Ten years ago, the Great Incident wreaked havoc on the world, and with it came the mysterious appearance of hybrids: half-human, half-animal babies. Not knowing whether these hybrids are the cause or the consequence of the virus, many humans fear them and hunt them down. After spending a decade living out of danger deep in the woods, a deer boy named Gus (Christian Convery in the original version) befriends Jepperd (Nonso Anonzie), a lonely wanderer. Together they embark on an extraordinary adventure through the ruins of America in search of answers. What is the origin of Gus? What about Jepperds past? What is the true meaning of a home?

4 Tragic Jungle (film) June 9

1920, border between Mexico and Belize. Deep in the Mayan jungle, an uncivilized land shrouded in legends, a group of rubber pickers stumble upon Agnes, a mysterious young Belizean. Her presence provokes tensions between men, fueling their fantasies and desires. With renewed strength, they face their destiny without knowing that they have awakened Xtabay, a mythical being that lurks in the heart of the jungle.

5 The Dragon of Wishes (film) June 11

It tells the story of Din, a university student from a humble family, with many dreams but few means, and Long, a cynical but all-powerful dragon capable of granting wishes. Together they set out on a hilarious adventure in todays Shanghai to find Lina, Dins long-lost childhood friend. Their journey forces them to confront some of lifes big questions. And, when one can wish for anything, one must decide what really matters.

6 Lupine (series) June 11

In season two nothing is a game anymore. Assanes obsession with revenge on Hubert Pelligrini has torn her family apart. Now he finds himself between a rock and a hard place: he needs a new plan, even if it involves putting himself in danger.

7 Beyond Evil (series) June 15

Beyond Evil tells the story of two intrepid men who are willing to do whatever they can in the search for a returning serial killer. In the process of uncovering the identity of the killer, the two are forced to look deeper than the evidence seems to suggest and constantly question the innocence of everyone involved in the case, including themselves.

8 Colonia Pingino (documentary) June 16

You have never seen penguins like these. Forget ice and snow, this rowdy colony of African penguins hits the sun-drenched beaches and breaks all the rules. Every summer, these tuxedoed birds compete for the top spot on the sandy shores of Simons Town, south of Cape Town. While humans put on sunscreen and wax their surfboards, these endangered little ones, adapted to the heat and capable of traveling long distances, cause traffic jams on the streets and wreak havoc in this tropical paradise. Their mission: find a mate, have babies and not go extinct!

9 Katla (series) June 17

In Iceland, after a year of constant volcanic activity, Grma persists in the search for her sister, who disappeared on the day of the eruption of the subglacial volcano Katla. As Grmas hope of finding the body fades, the surrounding people begin to receive unanticipated visitors. And it seems that there is something hidden under the glacier; something that no one could imagine.

10 Black Summer (series) June 17

The second season brings us winter, which incidentally brings with it new and ruthless challenges during the zombie apocalypse: hysterical scavengers and violent paramilitary groups fight the dead in despair.

11 Being a Father (film) June 18

In this endearing, funny and emotional story based on true events, Kevin Hart plays a widower who faces one of the toughest jobs in the world: parenthood.

12 Elite (series) June 18

In the fourth season of the series a new course begins in Las Encinas and, with it, comes a new director played by Diego Martn (Velvet). The character, one of the most powerful businessmen in Europe, is willing to redirect a school that seems to have gone out of control. His family will also arrive with him, including his three children who will be played by Carla Daz, Martina Cariddi and Manu Ros, three teenagers too used to always having their way who will endanger the union and friendship of the most veteran students.

13 Playing with Fire (reality) June 23

The worlds hottest no-date dating reality is back with ten new singles. Anyone who dares to break the rules no kissing, no excessive cuddling, no self-gratification of any kind will see the $ 100,000 prize drop faster than the contestants libido on the least sexy getaway of their lives.

14 The Naked Director (series) June 24

Premiere of the second season. When Japan inaugurated the Heisei period in 1989, Muranishi (Takayuki Yamada) was at the top of the adult video world and released numerous videos in his thematic series. But none achieved the legendary status of I like the sadomaso style, the masterpiece he produced with Kuroki (Misato Morita). Kuroki wants to produce another work with Muranishi, but little by little they grow apart and that desire remains unsatisfied. At that time, Muranishi was urged to expand its offering to satellite broadcasting.

15 We are. (series) June 30

Somos., Inspired by the controversial investigative article by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ginger Thompson, creatively exposes the stories of the inhabitants of the town of Allende in the days leading up to a shocking massacre. It tells the story of the drug wars from the perspective of the victims, giving a voice to those whose lives were forever changed when, without warning, tragedy struck their people as a result of a failed DEA operation.

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