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In the last decade, over two-hundred horror films have been produced worldwide. These films have ranged from horrid to mediocre to decent to sublime. The latter has defined this decade and showed what general audiences love about these movies. Some viewers argue horror within the past ten years has been mainly reboots, remakes, and sequels, while others insist it has been one of the more progressive and innovative decades for horror. With films such as Jordan Peele's Get Out and Us and Yeon Sang-ho's Train to Busanproving that.

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Surprisingly, the movies on this list were varied from each other greatly.They include horror-comedy, family drama, paranormal, political, and psychological.

While an untraditional horror film, 2018'sHereditary was simultaneously unnerving, creepy, substantial, appalling, and amazing. Director and screenwriter Ari Aster painted a disturbing but resonating picture of a mourning family who was being targeted by a dangerous cult.

Some viewers were disappointed by the lack of tropes associated with the genre. Still, they were engaged by the family's dilemma, Toni Collette's powerful performance as the matriarch,Alex Wolff's tormented portrayal of her son, and the genuine depiction of grief and remorse.

This was based on Stephen King's book of the same name and sequel to The Shining. 2019'sDoctor Sleep's protagonist Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) was a child in the first book/movie but is now an adult suffering from alcoholism (to suppress his psychic ability) and still affected by the events from his past.

Critics and viewers lauded the film for its genuine scares, McGregor's stirring portrayal, and themes of addiction and trauma. However, it performed underwhelmingly at the box office. Business Insider believed the producers overestimated the younger audience's appreciation/knowledge of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining and being released after Halloween.

A fresh parody of horror films, 2010'sTucker & Dale Vs. Evil had teenagers severely misconstrue a scenario and deemed the two title characters to be murderers. Viewers and critics found the movie hilarious, scary, and clever. They also concurred that the film provided a new spin on horror tropes.

Additionally, the two leads, Tyler Labine (Dale) and Alan Tudyk were lauded for their appealing and comedic performances. According to FIRSTSHOWING.NET, Labine and Tudyk announced at HorrorHound 2014 that a sequel was being made but there've been no recent updates.

Co-written, directed, and co-starred by John Krasinski, 2018'sA Quiet Placecentered on a family in a post-apocalyptic world where they must remainsilent to stay alive.

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Film-goers and critics were impressed by the premise and the attentive steps the filmmakers took to depict the family adapting to their new environment. Besides Krasinski, he was joined by his wife Emily Blunt and promising actors Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, and Cade Woodward as their children. The followup,A Quiet Place II was supposed to come out March 2020, but COVID 19 convinced the filmmakers and producers to change the date.

In 2016's Train to Busan,a zombie virus infected South Korea, forcing train passengers to fight to survive if they were to reach their destination. The film made a big impression on general audiences. Viewers felt it was reminiscent of George Romero's zombie films.

They offered potent social/political commentary, had three-dimensional characters, and was legitimately horrifying. Shaun of the Dead writer/director Edgar Wright commended the film on Twitter and commented "the best zombie film I've seen in forever."

James Wan directed this spine-chilling retelling of a true story. After moving to their beautiful new home,a family became fastly aware of the disturbing spiritual entities who dwelled there. Viewers celebrated the 2013's film's creepy atmosphere, lack of CGI, use of practical effects, cast, and memorable characters.

The possessed doll Annabelle would go on to have her own film series.A sequelwas later released,The Conjuring II (2016), and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It will be released in September 2020.

Aspara went to see a horror film in a theater alone under the guise of a publicity stunt but wasn't prepared for what'd happen during the show's runtime. The movie within the film was based on the story of an inmate named Maya who died.

The movie was critically well-received and praised for its lead actors Nayanthara and Ari, suspenseful story and superb production quality. Sify dubbed it as "one of the best horror films in Tamil Cinema."

Director and writer of The Witch, Robert Eggers collaborated with the A24 studio again to bring to audiences the chilling story of two New England lighthouse keepers working on a cryptic island. That was the premise of 2019'sThe Lighthouse.

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Eggers and his brother Max wrote a compelling story that unraveled the two leads Thomas Howard's (Robert Pattinson) and Thomas Wake's (Willem Dafoe) descent into madness. The atmosphere was beautifully bleak and reminiscent of 19th Century photography. Viewers were riveted by Pattison and Dafoe's calculative and eloquent performances.

Having started out as an iconic comedian, Jordan Peele mesmerized audiences with his skills as a storyteller and director in 2017'sGet Out. While speaking with Forbes, Peele felt his comedic background went hand in hand with horror as both genres focused on pacing and reveal.

In the same interview, he said the story was personal to him. The movie was also comprised of brilliant actors from lead Daniel Kaluuya as everyman Chris, Allison Williams as his deceptive girlfriend Rose. and Bradley Whitford as Rose's father.

Director Darren Aronofsky traumatized audiences with his brutal and blunt depiction of addiction in Requiem for Dream. For 2010'sBlack Swan, Aronofsky vividly captured the psychological damage of pressures from professional performance and achieving perfection.

Natalie Portman portrayed Nina, a gifted ballerina who'd been given the role of a lifetime but was paranoid that others were trying to sabotage her. Viewers were captivated by the tragedy and struggle of Nina's story, the haunting scenes, and the theme of duality.

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