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Countless subgenres fill up the world of horror movies. From the paranormal to the slasher, one particular genre that has stood the test of time is the ever-evolving, yet beloved vampire genre. Stories of the bloodsucking, nocturnal creatures have continued to intrigue and entertain audiences around the world since their film debut back in 1922's "Nosferatu."

While it has been 100 years since "Nosferatu" was introduced to the world, the influence of the silent film has generated a societal love nay, obsession with vampires that inspired innumerable live-action and animated films in the years that followed.

In an endless pool of movies that center around the fanged monsters, narrowing down the best vampire movies is not an easy task, so we've rounded up a handful of fan favorites from recent films like "Morbius" and "Day Shift" to classics like "Twilight" and "Interview With the Vampire" to satisfy your hunger (or quench your thirst) for a solid vampire movie. Read on for our list of 25 unique vampire movies!

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15 Vampire Movies to Satisfy Your Thirst - POPSUGAR

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