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Hey folks, its Halloween today and a time to get set for all things scary! Were sure you have your costume and make-up in place to look your creepiest, but whats a Halloween party without the right food? We suggest a few themed foods and drinks to get guests into the scary mood. Even if you arent attending a party, just whip these up in no time at home! Bon appetitTry these Halloween dishes and drinks out Eyeball crepesMake crepes the usual way sweet or savoury and roll them up. Create eyeballs in each using half a black grape or an olive. Place a bowl of ketchup at the side.

Ghost fingersCreepy as it gets, youll love these ghost fingers! These are actually shortbread cookies that you need to mould into a finger shape. Press an almond into each one to make for nails and gently make lines on each ghost finger to resemble knuckles.

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Ghost cookies to vampire's kiss: 5 Halloween party menu ideas to try - Times of India

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