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If someone put several vampires into The Hunger Games, it would be one of the most violent games. But which blood-sucker would come out on top?

From iconic Big Bads to sexy southern supernaturals, television has given audiences some of the most memorable vampires to ever grace the small screen. These vicious bloodsuckers seemed to be unstoppable forces when it came to deadly matches and brutal takedowns.

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But what would happen if these cold-blooded killers were dropped into The Hunger Games, and forced to battle in this dangerous arena? Would their varying powers of strength, immortality, and super-speed be enough to rival that of the victorious Katniss? Or would their many weaknesses and vulnerabilities ultimately leave even the most bloodthirsty of vampires completely conquerable? Who if any of these fanged foes would emerge the victor in the ultimate fight of the undead?

Like his brother, the younger Salvatore harnesses the same standard vampire abilities and has super strength, speed, healing, and the ability to compel his victims. However, unlike his brother,Stefan is quick to fall into guilt over wrongdoings and would often transform into the Ripper when his emotions became too much.

Unfortunately, when he gives into his dark impulses, he quickly becomes his own worst enemy, falling into highly destructive behavior. Poor Stefan would quickly have his weaknesses used against him and likely wouldn't make it very far becoming the first to go in this deadly competition.

This glamorousAmerican Horror Story villain certainly made a name for herself as a cold-blooded killer. Referred to as one of the Afflicted, this creature of darkness has the same basic powers as a classic vampire, including enhanced speed, strength, and healing.

Though she certainly didn't shy away from murdering those that stood in her way, this 112-year-old fashionable creature was quite vulnerable to a number of weaknesses, including: fire, drowning, extreme physical injury, and magic.Though it's unlikely she would make it far in the arena, there's no doubt her tribute interview outfit would be absolutely killer.

The clever and cunning vampire Damon Salvatore proved himself to be quite the violent tormentor when the occasion called for him to wreak havoc. While his powers included super strength, senses, speed, and healing, this immortal would often become distracted and thrown off course by his heated temper.

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Though Damon's smarts and infectious charm would certainly keep him from being the first to be picked off in the brutal arena, it's not likely the older Salvatore brother would be the last one standing.

Even before she became a member of the undead, Tara was always known for being an extremely blunt, no-nonsense survivor. Still, she was deeply loyal to those close to her. Before being turned by her maker, Pam, her final act as a human was to fatally take a bullet for her best friend, Sookie Stackhouse.

After being turned into an immortal, Tara gained the same abilities common with other vampires, super strength, speed, healing, and the ability to glamour. Despite being younger (and therefore) weaker than most of her vampire elders, Tara proved she didn't need to rely on her supernatural abilities to express her strengths since she was a highly skilled cage fighter. However, since many of the other competitors are just as adept, it's likely she wouldn't make it far against the much older and stronger vampires in the deadly Hunger Games.

Erick Brookes, better known as Blade, is a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire), who would be more than ready for the ultimate showdown in the Hunger Games.

Armed with the same powers and abilities of a regular vampire including super speed, strength, healing, and senses, his additional skills as a marksman, martial arts expert, and weapons specialist would likely keep this hybrid around in the arena. However, this hunter's temper and his preference to be a lone wolf could go either way in hurting or helping him sweep the undead competition.

This deadly fanger specializes in deception. Though he knew how to be the perfect southern gentleman, getting on this vampire's bad side typically had dire consequences. His notable skills, which included the ability to glamour, superspeed, levitation, and super strength, certainly would give him the upper hand against any mere mortal.

However, he would just fall short against fellow undead competition. Though Bill gained truly impressive powers when he consumed the blood of Lilith, regular old vampire Bill, while impressive, isn't the ultimate competitor in this lethal game.

In the ultimate battle to the death, it would seem that the odds would be in this iconic 90's vampire favor. After assisting his ex, the distinguished Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, and fighting the forces of darkness in Sunnydale, this brooding member of the undead went to LA and fought against supernatural Big Bads always emerging victorious. He also became the only known contestant to pass all three of the Trials, a deadly series of tests set up by The Powers That Be.

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Though Angel certainly has prior victories working in his favor, the crushing weight of his soul's guilty conscience and tendency to distance himself at the worst possible moments would ultimately work against him in the Hunger Game's deadly arena.

This rebellious former Big Bad certainly has a history of bloodthirsty violence working in his favor in this ultimate fight to the death. Famed for killing two Vampire Slayers after his siring in 1880, this former bloody awful poet's ability to adapt would only work in his favor as a lethal Hunger Games Tribute.

Though his fondness for violence means Spike wouldn't shy away from a fight, his ultimate weakness for romance and love might end up working against him should he form any special alliances with the other players. Not to mention his pesky well-won soul, and that weight crushing guilt.

Another threat many contenders might struggle to defeat is Kisa, the thousand years old culebra (a reptilian-like vampire), who was turned sometime in the 900s by Malvado,the leader of the Nine Lords after he decided to keep her captive.

Kisa is highly skilled at fighting and, as a culebra, haspowers including super-strength, healing, and illusion casting. She also has the special ability to fly. No doubt these skills would give her quite theadvantage above most in the competition. That, as well as her advanced age, (which strengthens her abilities), would make her one of the last tributes standing in the arena.

This former Viking vampire is over a thousand years old. Over his long immortal life, Eric has defeated many notable rivals, and, as an older vampire, has extremely fast super-speed, healing, mind compulsion abilities, and is even able to fly. While most of these powers might not give him the biggest advantage, being able to go airborne would certainly give him control in the competition.

Eric can also be very charismatic and persuasive when necessary, a skill that would no doubt earn him plenty of sponsors, making him a fan favorite, and the most likely victor in the Hunger Games.

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