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Morbius, starring Jared Leto, is a result of the new deal between Marvel Studios and Sony which allows the antihero to a part of the Spider-Man universe, something which the teaser of the film back in 2020 has already established. Not only did we see Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes in the teaser but also witnessed graffiti on the walls calling Spider-Man a "murderer," which places Morbius after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home where Peter Parker thwarted Mysterio's evil plans but ended up with his identity exposed and the tag of a murderer. But does this mean that other Marvel films like the upcoming Mahershala Ali movie Blade can also crossover with Morbius in the future? Well, Jared Leto can already see it happening!

Sony Pictures upcoming venture will feature Jared Leto as Michael Morbius, a character who was first introduced in 1971's The Amazing Spider-Man #101. Just like the many brilliant but vain scientists we have met in the Spider-verse, Morbius experimented on himself to cure his deadly blood disease but ended up becoming a "living vampire" with superhuman strength, enhanced healing, and a dangerous lust for human blood.

"I actually almost play a vampire in a new film I have coming out called Morbius. He's a Marvel character, and they call him a 'living' vampire, so he's not really a vampire but he's kind of a super-something," Leto said. "So that's a lot of fun."

Morbius' weird vampiric state makes him a by-fault name on half-human, half-vampire Eric Brooks a.k.a. Blade's dead list who is on a mission to eradicate vampires. Now that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are...well, friends again, is it possible for the vampire-hunting superhero and the antihero to be in a film together? Jared Leto has an optimistic answer.

In the comics, Blade was born as a vampire-human hybrid who slayed vampires. His crusades throughout his life often pitched him against Morbius and he was even bitten by the living vampire once which turned him into a Daywalker with powers of a vampire but none of the weaknesses. It would have made perfect sense to nudge the existence of the vampire in the MCU with Morbius. But as we know,any new information about Mahershala Ali's Blade is rather sparse.

All we have known since Kevin Feige's surprising announcement about Ali playing the badass half-vampire in Marvel Studios' Blade is that the reboot is not going to be a part of MCU's Phase IV and will instead be included in its fifth phase. Even during the recently held Disney Investor Day, no further information was divulged about the film's progress apart from Feige assuring that they are "moving ahead" with Blade.

But no matter when Blade is released, it is highly plausible that Morbius will include some form of Easter egg hinting at Eric Brooks' imminent presence or maybe the post credits' scene will act as a backdoor to the much-anticipated Marvel film, thus setting up future projects which will see the living vampire and Blade clashing on screen! You can check out the entire clip here. The topper images is from @jackson_caspersz on Instargram.

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