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Morbius was supposed to be released last summer, but thanks to COVID, it got pushed to this Spring, and then more recently tonext January. That's one heck of a wait for a movie many comic book fans seemingly feel indifferent to, but Sony Pictures is clearly banking on the SPUMC (that's Sony Pictures' Universe of Marvel Characters) spinoff being a hit.

We may have another explanation for the delay, though, as the actor revealed on a recent edition of The Late Late Show that he's actually shooting more scenes in a couple of weeks. Perhaps the studio has learned from the negative reaction to the leaked plot, and will make some's also possible that this down to Morbius now coming outafter Spider-Man 3.

Of course, it's impossible not to wonder whether he might be filming a cameo for that threequel!

Talking of crossovers, Leto was also asked about Morbius one day meeting Blade - who will be played byMahershala Ali in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and seemed confident it could become a reality. "You know, that is a good question and I could see that happening in the future," the Oscar-winner says in the video below. "I do...I can see that happening, yeah."

Check out both interview excerps with Leto below:

Click on the "Next" button below to take a look at 10Spider-Man costumes we still want to see in the MCU!

One of Peter Parker's earliest alternate costumes, the "Spider-Armor Mk I" didn't stick around for long, but remains a visually striking suit which could look incredible in a live-action setting.

The wall-crawler donned this suit to battle the New Enforcers, and while it slowed him down, it made the hero less vulnerable to attacks (particularly bullets). While Spidey did don a separate, insulated costumeto battle Electro, those being combined - using this suit's appearance - could be a neat way of giving Peter another new look at he squares off with that electrifying villain.

Heck, this could protect him from what many fans expect to be an interdimensional Sinister Six in Spider-Man 3, and it would be a lot of fun seeing Peter use his skills to build this inEmpire State.

Before we get to some of the crazier costumes in this feature, it's important to highlight Spider-Man's classic costume. While Tom Holland's Peter Parker has worn versions of this - the Stark Suit and his current red and black number - he certainly hasn't donned anything as accurate as what we saw in Spider-Man 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (the latter was, honestly, perfect).

Is it not about time that something similar is brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Tony Stark is dead and gone, and it's unlikely the web-slinger has access to Stark Industries technology after being framed for the attack on London. So, why not take the hero back to basics, and give him the classic, homemade costume which brings this Spider-Man more in line with the comics?

The Fantastic Four are on their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Spider-Man 3 director Jon Watts will be at the helm of that. Given the webbed wonder's ties to Marvel's First Family, it would be crazy for Peter Parker not to cross paths with the team at some point in the next few years.

If and when that does happen, we definitely need to see the Bombastic Bag-Man in action!

If his costume is damaged or destroyed in battle, Peter could easily borrow one of Johnny Storm's costumes, and comically done a paper bag in order to hid his face on the way home. This would be a treat for fans, and a great way to boost the value of the (right now) easy to find Amazing Spider-Man #258.

One of the best things to come out of Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man run was the costumes.

That's definitely the case with the wall-crawler's "Big Time" suit, a costume with the primary purpose of protecting the hero from the new Hobgoblin's sonic laugh. However, it also had a camo mode which essentially makes this a stealth suit which we're sure Spidey could get a lot of use out of. Whether that's sneaking around the Multiverse or a future story, this would lookphenomenal on screen.

It's been both green and orange over the years, and either one of those would work in the MCU. Who knows, now Peter is a wanted man, he might be forced to be a little more stealthy as Spidey!

This updated version of the Spider-Armour is also from Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man run, and was created to compensate for Peter Parker's loss of his Spider-Sense (which, surprisingly, has only been used sporadically in the MCU up until the "Peter-Tingle" in Spider-Man: Far From Home).

Completely bulletproof, this suit is visually striking, and if you've played the Spider-Man PlayStation game, you'll know that it looks nothing short of amazing in action. What could it bring to the MCU?

Well, if Spider-Man is somehow weakened or needs to protect himself from the police, this could be a great costume to make use of...however, we'd like to see him don it to battle Jon Bernthal's Punisher!

Marvel Studios actually considered using this as Peter Parker's "homemade" costume in Spider-Man: Far From Home. As it stands, they still paid homage to it, but we would still love to see an advanced version of Ben Reilly's first Spider-Man costume on the big screen sooner rather than later.

Perhaps that will come in the form of a Clone Saga adaptation, but there's no reason Peter could wear this.

Without Iron Man's resources at hand, perhaps Peter could create a red spandex costume (which would be all he has to work with), donning a hoodie over it with a spray-painted spider logo on the front. This makeshiftcostume could combine his very first outfit with some newer tech, and look great on screen.

We've seen an Iron Spider costume in the MCU, but not the Iron Spider costume! Again, concept art revealed that Marvel Studios considered this, so it would surely be pretty easy to make a reality.

Regardless of how and where Peter Parker makes his suits moving forward, this is one he could again create because he needs the extra powers that technologically advanced costume Tony Stark gave him in Avengers: Infinity War. Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed that he's actually keeping it in his closet, so we're pretty confident Pete could tinker with it and create a new look.

We definitely like what we saw in the last two Avengers movies, but this classic version has a tonne of potential. That scarlet colouring could even lead to the creation of the aforementioned Scarlet Spider suit after the armour parts are destroyed, and the hero needs to improvise with a hoodie!

We definitely don't want to see Otto Octavius become the MCU's new Spider-Man, and the Superior Spider-Man storyline as a whole is one we'd rather see left on the page for the time being.

However, that costume...well, it's pretty badass. Marvel Studios' talented team of concept artists definitely took inspiration from this suit for Spider-Man: Far From Home, and that was evident in the "Art of" book. The spider symbol looks really cool, while the black and red is something we already know works well.

This could be a simple upgrade to Peter Parker's suit as he gets older, and perhaps a way of hinting that he's heading down a dark path after facing a particularly brutal enemy or going through a tragedy (outside of Tony Stark, we've yet to see this Spider-Man lose anyone close to him like a Gwen Stacy).

Peter Parker has never actually worn this costume, as it instead belonged to his clone, Kaine. As the new Scarlet Spider, he was definitely a hero, but one with a very different approach to his "brother."

So, what could lead to Peter donning this Scarlet Spider suit? Well, we're not sure there even needs to be a just looks cool! This would be a big change for the web-slinger, but another costume that could signal him maturing as a superhero. We're sure Marvel Studios could throw in some new gadgets to justify its creation (especially with those lenses), and it's undeniably striking.

Of course, the easiest way to bring this to the big screen would be to adapt the Clone Saga, and while not everyone will be on board with that, we're sure Marvel Studios could do the storyline justice.

When you stop and think about it, it's crazy that Spider-Man didn't return from space with this new suit. Chances are Sony's plans for Venom derailed that idea, but it could still happen.

It's no secret that studio is keen to have Tom Holland's Peter Parker cross paths with Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock, and both actors have expressed interest in making it a reality. Like it or not, that will happen sooner rather than later, and it's then the web-slinger could finally don a comic accurate black suit.

Whether it's an alien symbiote or, well, just a fully black costume, we'd love to see this in action (especially after Spider-Man 3 dropped the ball). It would also be the perfect excuse to have Spidey seek out the help of the Fantastic Four, leading to the introduction of the Bombastic Bag-Man as well!

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MORBIUS Star Jared Leto Confident The Living Vampire Will One Day Meet Blade; Confirms More Reshoots - Comic Book Movie

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