Gerard Marr 2021: Boys from County Hell, a vampire film in the Shawn tradition of the dead –

The 28th edition of the Gerardmar Fantastic Film Festival revisits the story of Boys from County Held Dracula, who appeared in the competition. A horror film in the tradition of the show of the dead.

What is it about?

Welcome to Six Mile Hill, an Irish village where Bram Stoker lived according to local legend. Eugene Mofat, a young man, drinks pitches with his friends, making fun of tourists visiting the tomb of the Irish vampire Abertach, who is said to have inspired the character of Dracula. But one night, Eugene and his team inadvertently awaken the cursed bloodstain, and the normally peaceful city slowly turns into a bloody battlefield

Boys from County Hell Competition Director Chris Bagg Jack Rowan, Nigel ONeill, Louisa Harland

8 years after his short film Boys from County Hell, Irish director Chris Bagg has released a long version of his horror comedy. Taking on the epic story of Dracula, the film takes place in a small Irish village. Caret is said to have buried the famous Aberdeach. An Irish vampire who inspired Bram Stoker into the story of the famous bloodbath. For his second feature film, Bagg is once again directing Irish comedian Nigel ONeill (playing the protagonists father) in Bad Day for the Cut (available on Netflix) and a short film. Hell is inspired.

In the political subtitle, the feature film shows the lack of hope for the future for Irish youth and the difficulties of evolution in a village where old beliefs are rife. The construction of a road will help to develop the village, but the works will lead to the destruction of Cain, a tourist destination that will allow villagers to live, under which the vampire will be buried. The boys from County Hell are intelligently confronting this clash between tradition and modernity.

Friends, beers, vampires

In the movie, a group of beer lovers (led by Jack Rowan) have to face off against a legendary creation. A real funny and irrelevant vampire film (and not bite!), The boys from County Hell play with the codes of this category, and its protagonists play excitingly with tourists. Unlike Edgar Wrights Shaun of the Dead, this comedy, which he clearly claims is full of dark humor, is good entertainment. Combining gory scenes, jokes and improbable moments, the feature film will ensure that you only want to read Stokers works if you know how to kill a vampire. Who knows, it might still be useful

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Gerard Marr 2021: Boys from County Hell, a vampire film in the Shawn tradition of the dead -

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