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FXs mockumentary series, What We Do In The Shadows, has garnered quite the fanbase in its first two seasons, having been renewed for a third one as well. Its one of the funniest comedies on television currently, showcasing the mundane lives of four Staten Island vampires and their various misadventures.

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The show is able to create this quirky world where monsters such as werewolves and ghosts exist among humans. With the show having just recently wrapped up its sophomore season,it would be a good idea to look back on the most hilarious and outrageous moments thus far.

Guillermo wants nothing more than to be a vampire. After all, he's been Nandor's familiar for a good ten years already. For some reason, though, he just cant help but accidentally kill them in many situations, including The Baron.

After submitting his DNA to a website, hes informed that hes actually a descendent of Van Helsing, the legendary vampire hunter. Its actually quite shocking that he hasnt managed to kill any of his housemates in the years hes lived with them.

It turns out that Laszlo has been starring in pornography ever since the medium of film was invented. In an effort to woo his lady wife,heshows Nadja his collection. As expected, the quick clips of Laszlos films are hilariously awful.

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While Laszlo is quite proud of his work, Nadja isn't so dazzled. In fact, she finds it quite depressing that her husband is a boring pornstar. Even worse, Laszlo presents the idea of showing them at their bi-annual vampire orgy. Nadja just doesnt have the heart to tell him otherwise.

Despite having absolutely no idea what his job entails, Colin gets promoted to a position of power at his office. Now that hes the boss, he realizes that he can drain away to his hearts content.

Colin is able to put his entire staff to sleep on a daily basis. The more energy he gets, the more powerful he becomes. His new powers include hair growth, flying, and cloning. If one Colin draining your energy is tiring enough, imagine having three at the same time.

As Nandor, Laszlo, and Colin are all about to be subjected to the witches painful extraction of their...bodily fluids, Guillermo comes in to save the day. Earlier in the episode, Guillermo stated that hes been watching Shark Tank and is thinking of starting a business.

Accompanied by the actual music from the show,Guillermo chimes in and suggests a business proposition. Guillermo is now in charge of trading Laszlo and Nandors bodily fluids to the witches. Its not explained how he gets jars of it but some things are just better left unexplained.

Before their execution happens, the gang is forced to sit through a stage rendition of their alleged murders of several vampires, such as The Baron and a random vampire family. Of course, all of this was actually done by Guillermo.

The entire stage act is hysterical as after every murder, the performers feel the need to dance (terribly). As Colin puts it, they seem to be going for a Hamilton vibe. Nadja is not impressed as her stage counterpart does the Q-tip dance. The angriest of them all of is Laszlo, disappointed in the complete lack of nudity he was promised.

Apparently, theres a lot of pressure when hosting a vampire orgy. In addition to shopping for various supplies, Guillermo is given the unfortunate task of having to describe every precise detail during the night.

This is because vampires cant be seen in a mirror, meaning someone is required to stand above and narrate the orgy. During a rehearsal, all three vampires are acting out certain positions, which Guillermo doesnt do a good enough job of keeping up with. Thankfully, the party is cut short by the end of the night.

As shown in the original film, werewolves and vampires dont get along very well. A feud erupts after Laszlo finds histopiary garden urinated on by a werewolf. Under the guidelines of a peace treaty, both parties must select a champion in a fight to the death.

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Nandor, nicknamed The Relentless, is elected to fight Toby, whos werewolf form is much scarier than they had anticipated. Instead of a bloody battle, however, the fight abruptly ends with Nandor throws a dog toy off the bridge, causing Toby to instinctively jump down with it.

Most people remember the time in internet culture where everyone would get those chain emails, threatening some sort of deadly misfortune if not forwarded to someone else. Well, Nandor isnt the most tech-savvy, so the email is quite frightening to him.

Nandor then informs his housemates of their supposed curse. The rest of the episode consists of them frantically trying to find another email address so they can forward it. Nadja suggests they go to the email address store but Laszlo figures theyre closed late at night.

The Baron tells the gang that he wants to see the sights of Staten Island and enjoy a night on the town. The trio, annoyed by the Barons constant request for world domination, plot to murder the Baron and make it look like an accident.

The Baron isnt the best company to have on a night out, as he keeps killing unsuspecting bystanders, as well as yelling out that hes a vampire. The funniest part is when they end up consuming drunk humans, intoxicating themselves in the process. Nandor even gets so badthat he wears a traffic cone and pretends hes a wizard.

This one seemed obvious. This was the moment that brought the show to greatness. After the accidental death of The Baron, all the vampires are forced to stand trial. What follows is a sequence of cameos, bringing in notable stars who have all played vampires in the past.

You haveTilda Swinton (Only Lovers Left Alive),Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood), Danny Trejo (From Dusk Til Dawn), and more. They even managed to get Blade himself, Wesley Snipes, although he could only make it via Skype. To top it all off, the trio of vampires from the original filmshows up; Vladislav, Viago, and Deacon. Too bad they couldn't get Tom, Brad, or Rob.

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