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Describe the following to your players to provide better immersion - (show, don't tell during their first encounter):

The medium undead reanimated corpse shambles about in a jerky, uneven gait without fear or hesitation. Drawn from the grave, half decayed and partially consumed by worms, it wears the tattered moldering remains of its burial clothes. A rank odor of death and decay hangs heavy in the air.

In addition, you might want to allow them an Intelligence -Religion check to know the following (accumulated - a roll of 25 or above would know all):

DC5 (very easy): attacks witha slam

DC10 (easy): moves slowly

DC15 (medium): does not have any damage resistances nor damage vulnerabilities

DC20 (hard): attacking the creature with poison has no effect - ability to regenerate health unless attacked with radiant damage or a critical strike

DC25 (very hard): immune to beingpoisoned- darkvision out to 60'

The rest is here:
Zombie - Monsters - D&D Beyond

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