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Christopher Lee is exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. I made an appointment based on the reviews on Yelp and after two sessions, I have had impressive results. I was a little hesitant because I usually treat my serious but too-gross-to-mention-here digestive disorder using herbs and a vegetarian diet; avoiding the traditional pharmaceutical approach which only made me sick in a different way. But after having no issues for 4 years, I relaxed a little too much and starting eating a lot of processed and fast foods. I had a bad "flare-up" and I was desperate enough to go the Western route before remembering that my previous Gastroenterologist once, reluctantly, suggested Acupuncture. After only two treatments, and returning to a healthy diet with herbal supplements, my symptoms have improved dramatically. Previously, it took months using only my methods to see the same result I'm seeing now by adding Acupuncture. The office feels just like your regular doctor's office, everything is completely sterile and well organized, and Suchi, the receptionist / office manager, is just a lovely person. Christopher has in-depth knowledge of both Western and Eastern approaches to various conditions, and he is happy to explain both. Finally, he is conservative so don't expect to have a movie-like experience with foot-long needles poking out of you everywhere, and then hauling out two pounds of expensive herbs that you probably won't remember how to use when you get home. It's a simple, clean, confident process. You won't regret it.

Christopher Lee is incredibly knowledgable and effective. He has completely resolved painful back problems, improved and deepened my sleep, and explained how and why acupuncture works. He's excellent and wish I found time to go more often .... I highly recommend him. Plus my health insurance covers treatments with a modest co-pay.

I wanted to write a glowing review for Christopher Lee after the first visit but I decided to wait and see how the treatments went. I have to say that having him as a doctor has been a blessing. He is a skilled healer with a wonderful manner. He is patient and is able to understand your health concerns from a contextual and holistic perspective and he does this by asking relevant questions about your lifestyle and beliefs. He also has a strong knowledge base of both Chinese and Western medicine and does an incredible job of explaining his approach and techniques.I spent weeks looking for a good acupuncturist and was impressed with Dr. Lee's informative website and strong reviews. I visited him for a pinched nerve in my neck and shooting pain in my arm, hand, fingers, and shoulder. He has used acupuncture, Chinese massage, and cupping and all have been highly effective in reducing my pain. He has also helped me with lower back pain and I felt better almost immediately. I agree with the other comments that people have made: he is non-judgemental, respectful, and nurturing. I have been to many doctors and acupuncturists and this has been my best and most positive experience yet. His fees are very reasonable and the office is relaxing and professional. I can't express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Lee for his wonderful care.

I became a first-time acupuncture patient in November 2011, after experiencing months of escalating pain. Acupuncture was a "Hail Mary Pass" for me, but I'm glad I tried it and I'm glad I became Dr. Lee's patient.With Dr. Lee's combination of acupuncture and massage, I experienced a dramatic relief in my symptoms, sufficient to enable me to get out and start walking again, which was good for me both physically and emotionally. I've been following his advice to skip the ice and to keep my body warm, which has accelerated the healing as well.He was very patient with me as a newcomer to acupuncture, and took care to ensure that I was comfortable. I admit, I was surprised that the process didn't hurt! I am inspired to write this review today because this morning I took a two hour hike along the Canal Trail, and enjoyed birdsong throughout. Two months ago, I was despairing of ever getting off my couch again.Thank you, Dr. Lee, for making me feel like myself again.UPDATE: Over Memorial Day Weekend I hiked up to the summit of Mount Diablo, more than 14 miles round trip with some challenging uphill stretches. No pain, during or after. Thank you again, Dr. Lee!

I first tried acupuncture in 2010 for my sciatic pain after I told my my medical doctor I didn't want to take pain pills and after trying physical therapy. My pain was caused by an injury in 2008 and had kept me awake at night and with steady pain during the day. He referred me to Christopher Lee. Christopher Lee explained it to me that it would take a dozen sessions since it was an old injury. Lo and behold, it did take that many treatments, but I have not had any sciatic pain since. So when the base of my right thumb and wrist joint got bruised by who knows what right before Thanksgiving and I couldn't use it to open the door or do anything with it given the pain, I called Christopher Lee right away and he was able to see me the same day. After just one treatment, the pain went away, to my amazement and delight. He was right when he told me before that the earlier he treats a condition, the easier it is for the condition to improve. I'm so glad I remembered that and went to see him right away this time. My family was pleased as well since I was able to cook the Thanksgiving dinner, after all. At first, I was very apprehensive about acupuncture, what with needles and all, but I'm really glad that I went to see Christopher Lee. The needles did not really hurt, not like lab tests and flu shots. I also appreciate the integrity with which his office handled my insurance payments. I highly recommend Christopher Lee and acupuncture to anyone who wants to supplement their western medical care.

Awesome first visit!I went in to try acupuncture for the first time today. I have a slipped disc along with other issues that I don't want to get surgery for; so I'm trying everything I can think of to help me fix the problem. Christopher had an opening this morning and was able to see me the same day. The first visit begins with filling out some forms and then a 30 minute consultation with Christopher. He listens well, asks lots of questions and tries to get to the root of how you are feeling.In my case, after the consultation, Christopher decided to give me acupuncture in my back and legs. It wasn't painful at all, I can only say that after a while it felt like a buzzing or tingling feeling in my back and legs. During the treatment I was able to relax as if I were on vacation. My back feels much better now and I'm looking forward to a nice night of rest. He also preformed a special massage technique after the acupuncture session. I plan on going back on Monday for a "tune-up" and perhaps a more intense acupuncture session.Christopher has a great bed-side manner and continually checks in with you as he is applying his techniques. He answers all questions and seems to genuinely care about helping people. If you are looking to try acupuncture; look no further than Christopher Lee.

I have tried acupuncture from 3 other places in the area and none compare! Christopher Lee is very knowledgeable about what he does and has been the only person to help what I have. I have a rare health issue that causes severe burning, stabbing in my legs and feet from over reactive nerves, and purple and red coloring because of the burning pain. I have stabbing pain in back all along spine from arthritis, large knots in shoulders, and chronic migraines. Christopher helps keep the burning down and the blisters away that are caused from the nerves that make my feet burn, while other doctors only made my condition aggrevated and I never was without the blisters. I have erythromalygia and got it from trama from being hurt by a chiropractor. I can't leave the house as I'm very weak, in a wheelchair and most days I am bedridden and only able to sit up to eat. The most i do is sit on the couch for a half hour, so you can understand how severe this is. The pain keeps me up and I also have extreme insomnia where I get just mins to 3 hrs a night and I wake up several times a night. When I see Christopher, he not only helps the nerve pain that I have, but he helps my migraines and helps me sleep. I am without sleep until I see him, then I sleep several days and then I can't sleep until I see him again. He has helped me sleep better and was getting 4 to 6 hrs a night for about a month until a stressful event happened and backtracked my sleep. I cant get stressed as it permanetly worsens my health. My condition is rare so I need maintenence more than the average person, but I couldn't go without his help. I go anywhere from once a week or twice, to once every other week depending on if i have strength to get up Or not. i would go every other day if i could! He helps my circulation and nerves to function better, and it's so relaxing to get acupuncture I've almost fell asleep several times there when it takes me about 10 hrs to sleep at home! I won't go to anyone else! He is very kind and understanding and really cares. He wants to help get you better and is very professional. He understands that my situation is very complex, so if some days I can't get out of bed, he just moves my apt and is very kind about it. His family who works there, are all very sweet and caring as well. His wife also does acupuncture there. I haven't went to her, but I am sure she is wonderful as well. I have to always be cool temp wise or my nerves get aggrevated and burn, so he turns the air on or keeps the heat down or off for me every time I see him. I would give him 10 stars if I could! I wouldn't be able to ever get out of bed without his help or deal with the nerve pain, even though I take strong medicine, as I have to with how severe my pain is. Nothing else has worked for me as well as acupuncture whether it's massage, meds, chiropractic( which made me even worse) , physical therapy ( which I can't do now as it worsens my condition), and 4 other acupuncturists in the area, and he is by far the best! I highly suggest making an apt! If he could help my situation, he can help you and I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Thank you Christopher Lee for your help and kindness!

Previous to my acupuncture, I was waking up early and not sleeping well. After my visit with Lee, I slept like a baby, woke up at a more reasonable hour and felt well rested and energized. Benefits of CL's acupunture treatment continue.

My Medical Doctor who is an excellent Doctor recommended Christopher Lee and I am very pleased with this medical care. I have used acupuncture for my health many times throughout the last 20 years and Christopher Lee is the best Acupuncturist I have ever seen. He is respectful, listens attentively and really hears and understands. He is from the Bay Area and has trained in the USA and in China as well. The placement of needles is painless and precise and actually totally relaxing too .He checks in with me to make sure I am comfortable and he is responsive to any questions and concerns. His office is very clean and well organized. His receptionist is kind, attentive and thorough. I will continue regular treatments with Christopher Lee. I highly recommend him.And, Absolutely, the needles are disposable, stainless steel and sterile ! No need for any worries or concerns about that ! The needles are used once, on you and disposed of when removed - Perfectly Safe.

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