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Despite the Mazda Miata being a go-fast legend after a rule of four generations, there are still some who label the thing as "cute" and leave it at that, ignoring the adrenaline rush such a Japanese sportscar can easily deliver. As a result, there are certain MX-5 builds that see the little roadster getting a serious dose of aggression, as is the case with the little monster we have here.

The well-balanced body of this ND-generation (think: the current incarnation of the model) Miata has been gifted with plenty of bits and pieces, from the generously-sized front lip spoiler to the Liberty Walk-like widebody.

Nevertheless, the posterior of the machine, which is the part the Transylvania-based vampire legend would like others to see the most, appears to have received even more serious changes. And while the lower rear apron aero work and the quad exhaust setup are self-explanatory, we can't say the same about the two vertical elements found over there.

While these pieces appear to be wing mounts, gear heads who took to the comments section of the Instagram post showcasing the beast also imagined other used for them, such as a roof box or a nitrous bottle setup.

Yasid Oozeear, the pixel wielder behind the visual stunt, insists on the first purpose mentioned above, both in the comments section and in the description of the post: "Dont ask about the spoiler, its lost. Sold for new tires. You name it,"

Then again, this is a walk down fantasy lane, so you should feel free to build your own scenario regarding the Mazda Miata sitting before us.

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Mazda Miata "Dracula" Is an Aggressive Little Thing - autoevolution

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