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Lets fall in love with our telephones off, folk-punker Langhorne Slim (aka Sean Scolnick) sings on Never Break, the title song of an EP that previews three songs off Slims forthcoming album Lost at Last Vol. 1, due out Nov. 10 via Dualtone.

Zombie, the latest and most upbeat song off the Never Break EP, follows suit, though the main vein of the song is unrequited love: She drank red wine in the pouring rain / She read me books about the human brain. The woman Slim depicts in this song isnt emotionally available beyond intellect and friendshiptrue to patriarchal form, Mr. Slim puts the mysterious mistress in the body of a monster. But he also puts himself in one. As Slim sings towards the end of the song, he wanted her heart in the same way a zombie wants the brain.

A larger theme looms for Lost at Last Vol. 1: Slim is desperate for real human connection. The songwriter sings the praises of a utopia in which we could live apart from the social rigidity of real jobs and retiring to golf courses, self-improvement and most of all, smartphones. Lost at Last Vol.1, he says, is an attempt to rebel against that form of living:

In my own way, I pray for a soul or spiritual revolution where we disconnect from the horrible manufactured noise around us, and we re-learn to connect and love ourselves, each other and the universe as a whole: to look within. Everyones searchin for something better around every corner, but its already right here. Were all born whole, through livin we fall apart.

Langhorne Slims newest collection gives a new-age meaning to the phrase not all who wander are lost by claiming that you should be lost or at least actively trying to be lost. Perhaps if one feels found, they have nothing left to find, he says.

Stream Zombie and a Slim performance from the Paste Cloud below, and the Never Break EP here. Further down below, check out the Lost at Last Vol. 1 tracklist and album art, along with Slims tour dates. The album is available for preorder here.

Lost at Last Vol. 1 Tracklist: 01. Life is Confusing02. Old Things03. House of My Soul (you light the rooms)04. Ocean City (for may, jack and brother jon)05. Private Property06. Money Road Shuffle07. Never Break08. Bluebird09. Alligator Girl10. Funny Feelin (for junior kimbrough and ted hawkins)11. Zombie12. Lost This Time13. Better Man

Lost at Last Vol. 1 Album Art:

Langhorne Slim Tour Dates:

September 16 Bristol, Va. @ Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival21 Jackson, Mo. @ w/ Avett Broters @ Thalia Mara Hall 22 St. Augustine, Fla. @ Sing Out Loud Festival24 Bristol, Tenn. @ Pilgrimage Festival26 New York, N.Y. @ Bowery Ballroom27 Washington D.C. @ Sixth & I28 Philadelphia, Pa. @ Union Transfer 30 Roseland, Va. @ Devils Backbone Hoopla

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Langhorne Slim Releases "Zombie" off Forthcoming New Album Lost at Last Vol. 1 – Paste Magazine

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