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The Castle of Muskogees Halloween Festival opens Sept. 29. Problem: The festival ground is overrun with walkers (zombies). Help?

Runners are needed for the Castle of Muskogees fifth annual zombie run, scheduled Sept. 9.

Participants will climb, weave and make their way around obstacles to serve as zombie bait as hunters help round up the zombies for the Halloween Festival.

The zombie run will benefit the Muskogee Animal Shelter. Discounted registration of $25 is available online for the first 500 participants with an available promo code. (Promo codes include ZRRadio, ZRTV, ZRPrint, ZRFace and ZRBlast.) Runners may register at a higher rate until 2 p.m. on race day. For more information, go to okcastle.com.

Whether participants cross the finish line as infected or survivor, the event is designed to provide an adrenaline rush. Each heat begins with safety in numbers but quickly thins to a solo runner experience in which runners try to outmaneuver zombies.

On race day, registration begins at noon, heats begin at 1 p.m. and the run starts at 4 p.m.

Registered runners will receive a commemorative T-shirt, a run medallion, a free ticket to the Halloween Festival and rewards (while supplies last) from sponsors.

After opening night, the Halloween Festival will run every Friday and Saturday night through October. Tickets are available at okcastle.com.

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Zombie run scheduled at Castle of Muskogee – Tulsa World

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