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Its 2022, and the craze for zombie-killing games has never been so high. We have seen so many games in the past year that taught us what its like to live in a post-apocalyptic world filled with the undead.

But, amidst the massive library of zombie games, you might be resistant to try one for fear of false advertisement of the gameplay.

From zombie games that have been relevant since they were released to some of the latest ones, we bring you a list of the best Zombie games to play this year without any hesitation.

Release Date: 26 January 2015Developers: Techland

Dying Light is one of the best survival zombie games on the market. Even if it is seven years old, its still one of the best games in the said genre.

It features an open-world exploration with resource hunting and loot gathering. Although the game mechanics are classic survival, its captivating story and parkour movements leave the player hungry for more.

The game is set in a city overrun by zombies that fear the sun. So during the day, you will have plenty to explore. But when the night falls, the undead ones come out of their nests that have better loot. So, theres no option but to go to the enemy lands.

But remember! Zombies are not the only enemies you have. Some humans are even more dangerous. So keep an eye out for some pesky visitors.

Release Date: 4 February 2022Developers: Techland

The most awaited sequel to the previous game, Dying Light 2, has the same mechanics as the last game. But the story takes a wild turn.

Dying Light 2 is set 20 years after the first game. The city you are in is one of the largest safe havens for humans. But being humans, there is tension among each other as people fight for power and control. You find yourself in the midst of everything, but with mysterious powers and fading memories. Go on a journey and do your best to Stay Human.

Play the story to uncover the secrets of your power, find allies and fight enemies, be they humans or the mutated.

Release Date: 12 October 2021Developers: Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood is a first-person zombie shooter game that made its way into the hearts of zombie-killing fans. It is a 4-player co-op game that puts you in the shoes of Cleaners, a few of the apocalypse survivors.

The story mode follows players going through the Ridden infested areas, clearing them as much as they can into the next safe location. Back 4 Blood features a lot of mutated zombies that make you think twice before you jump in headfirst.

But its not just the story mode that attracts the players. The game has many different modes like Survival and Versus. Players can play against each other in Versus mode team battle style with one team as the Ridden and the other, Cleaners. At the same time, you can test your survival skills against an unlimited number of zombie waves in survival.

Release Date: 17 November 2009Developers: Valve

Another first-person shooter, Left 4 Dead 2, is a popular horror game filled with immersive campaign levels and engaging game modes.

The game features tons of weapons to increase the immersive playthrough. Furthermore, the melee tools are OP and give you an upper hand against the undead army. The game gives you multiple modes like Survival and Versus where you can test your shooting skills with unlimited hordes and fight other players. These modes, along with the fantastic storyline, make the game ever interesting and playable, even though it was released years ago.

One thing that makes the game stand out is the AI Director 2.0 that changes the weather, difficulty, and horde population according to the players play style.

Release Date: 17 November 2008Developers: Valve

Left 4 Dead is the predecessor of the previous game, Left 4 Dead 2. It is the same as the first game in terms of how it is played, the mechanics, and the different game modes.

Left 4 Dead has the first version of the feature AI Director that makes the game dynamic. Like the sequel, it also changes the playthrough based on the players game style. Both games have co-op mode for up to 4 players. So you can invite your friends and have the wildest time taking down the zombies.

Release Date: 7 May 2021Developers: CAPCOM Co. Ltd.

The eighth major game in the series of Resident Evil, Resident Evil Village, is a survival horror game that takes place a few years after Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The game features the story of Ethan Winters trying to save his child from the horrific monsters living in a village in Romania.

The game has four different bosses and tons of other mutated zombies that you will have to fight in first-person mode. Furthermore, the game gives you a lot of different weapons and hidden items throughout the map, which makes the gameplay as satisfying as you want.

The story of Resident Village and the gameplay is perfectly balanced as well. Hence you will always be left with a rewarding feeling throughout the game.

Release Date:20 January 2022Developers: Ubisoft Montreal

If you know Tom Clancys game series, then you know about the parasite called Chimera that takes over humans and turns them into zombie-like creatures called the Archaeans. Now the parasite has spread across the US. And your job, as a part of REACT, is to send these evolving zombie parasitic monsters to the graves.

But that is not the only parasite you will face. There are reports of an even deadlier parasite known as the Proteans. So, will you step up and save humanity from these god-forsaken creatures?

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Extraction is one of the most awaited games in 2022, showcasing a different approach in the zombie horror genre. The game features stealth-based operations and makes you explore the map for intel. This game also features cross-platform playability.

Release Date:10 December 2021Developers: 10 Chambers

GTFO is finally out of early access, and its better than ever. The multiple-award-winning game first launched its early access version back in 2019 and became one of the best zombie shooting games.

The game is a 4-player co-op game where you and your friends are prisoners sent by your Warden to an underground facility. Your mission is to stealthily explore the area, find out intel about the resource you need to extract, find it and get back safely.

The game tests your ability to survive the hordes, and even a simple mistake might trigger them. Furthermore, it demands a lot of cooperation and communication from the players. Some bots can fill up the empty spaces in a squad, but GTFO is best when played with real people.

Release Date:19 June 2020Developers: Naughty Dog

The Last of Us is still one of the best zombie games ever. The gameplay, storyline, and emotions it held are unique and loved to this day.

Naughty Dog gave another heartfelt game as a sequel known as The Last of Us Part II. The game is set five years after the first game, and we finally get to play the whole game as Ellie.

Even though the game mechanics are the same, the new story and characters make this game as fun as possible. The Last of Us series is one of the few games that can make their way into 2022, even though the second installment came out two years ago.

Release Date:18 May 2021Developers: Bend Studio

Days Gone is an open-world game set in the post-apocalyptic universe; two years after the virus outbreak. You play as the bounty hunter named Deacon St. John, trying to find a way to live peacefully among the chaos.

Additionally, you will have a wide variation of traps and weapons at your disposal. You will have to use them to fight hordes and gangs alike.

RIde on your motorbike and play through the games captivating storyline in Days Gone. Its mesmerizing environment and the day/night cycle make the game worthy of transition towards 2022.

Release Date:21 September 2021Developers: Saber Interactive Inc.

If you know about Brad Pitts movie World War Z, then you know that it has an unbelievable density of zombie hordes. This game is loosely based on the same film.

In World War Z: Aftermath, you can fight the hordes of zombies by using customizable weapons. Furthermore, the game also has a multiplayer mode, so you can co-op with three players in the story mode. You can simply choose one of the eight classes and level up to be the best zombie slayer.

The game also has a mode called Horde XL, where you can face hundreds of zombies in endless waves and try to survive as long as you can.

Release Date:3 April 2020Developers: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Umbrella Corp has been wreaking havoc in Racoon City. You play as one of the few remaining people who know how dirty Umbrellas hands are. You, Jill Valentine, will have to fight against the zombies and the worst of them all, Nemesis, a super-zombie sent by the Umbrella to stop you.

Resident Evil 3 has a captivating storyline that leaves the fans of the Resident Evil series in absolute awe.

Moreover, the game also includes a 1v4 online multiplayer mode called Resident Evil Resistance.

Release Date:13 March 2020Developers: Undead Labs

State of Decay 2 is an open-world survival game where your job is to gather survivors and start rebuilding civilization. You will have to recruit people in your team, make use of their traits, farm, and gather resources.

It is an excellent survival game that realistically portrays what it means to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Furthermore, the game has a co-op mode where you can visit each others community and lend a helping hand. When you finish helping your friends and getting back to your community, you will get fascinating rewards that will further help you build your base.

There are other game modes in the game as well. The first one is a 4-player co-op survival called siege defense. The second one is a different story campaign that is solid 10 hours long.

Release Date:21 June 2022Developers: FNTASTIC

The Day Before is an open-world survival game solely based on exploration and loot collection. You will have to defend yourself from the zombies and humans while gathering resources.

Keep in mind that the humans you cross paths with may not always be violent. That is because other humans are players too. Yes, The Day Before is an MMO game that puts a lot of players together in the post-apocalyptic world.

You can team up or fight any other players you see on your journey as you have the freedom to do whatever you want.

Furthermore, the game also has a place called A Colony of Survivors where you can go and interact with other players in a completely safe environment. While in the same area, you will also have options to share, trade, or sell your resources to other players.

Release Date:9 December 2021Developers: Vertigo Games

Who said zombie shooting is not fun in VR? After the Fall is a VR FPS that puts players in the world of 1980s LA, post-apocalyptic.

You can play the game on other platforms as well, but was specifically built for VR. So you can be assured that the gameplay and mechanic of After the Fall is smooth with the headset.

The game makes sure that every bit feels as realistic and immersive as possible, from the story to weapons. Furthermore, After the Fall also features a co-op mode where you can play with a team of four. Different mutated zombies can easily kill you, giving you an intense scare.

The game also lets you choose between different combat styles so you can craft and fight with the weapons that give you the best advantage.

Release Date:19 October 2021Developers: Vanimals

Undying takes a very heart-touching story about an infected mother. She fights her hardest to survive for herself and to guarantee her sons safety.

Speaking of the graphics, Undying is made with a low poly art style which gives even more emotions to the story. You play the game in a top-down view as you traverse through the auto-generated map.

You will have to make full use of your time to teach your son everything about survival in the game. The son is AI, and he will learn from everything you do.

Although the game is in early access, it has already accumulated multiple awards such as Best Indie Game in 2020 by Unity MWU China and Golden Tea. It was also the Indie Finalist in 2021. With all the awards and the emotional storyline, Undying is still a must-play game as we enter 2022.

The Last Stand: Aftermath is a survival game with a top-down view. In the game, you are an infected human. You will have a limited time to gather resources, upgrade your skills and kill the zombies.

But once you turn into the undead, you spawn as a new survivor. You will have all the assets and skills you previously earned. But you will spawn in a harder-difficulty environment and set out to survive as long as you can again. The loop continues as this is how you progress the game.

It is an amazing single-player game that makes good use of stealth and exploration. It has a very thrilling atmosphere as well that keeps you on your toes most of the time. Undying is another game that can easily make its way onto 2022.

Aside from the games on the list, there are a few more games still need to keep an eye on in 2022. However, due to the lack of a set release date or being postponed, we decided to list them in the final section.

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